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So what is Tony’s Rants?  Well, it is pretty much what the name says – the rants of a guy named Tony!

I am Tony Hake, a native of the north Denver metro area, a current resident of Thornton, Colorado, a conservative and a proud veteran of the United States Navy.  I am also a rather opinionated person with lots to say and an incessant need to open my mouth, oftentimes when I probably should not.

Over the years that Tony’s Rants has been online I have learned that I put myself at great personal and professional risk by being so forthcoming about my opinions and having them out there for the world to see.  However I also believe that it is our obligation as United States citizens to have our voices heard – the Founding Fathers would have us do no less.  This site allows me to do that, for better or worse.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid.”  Those are words that I have made the conscious decision to live by and while I have paid a price for being so open, I accept the risks.  I have chosen to step forth rather than sit on the sidelines.

The site is not a one-way street though.  You are welcome and encouraged to post your thoughts and comments on any of the postings.  Having said that, some common sense must be applied to any comments.  I will not tolerate bad behavior in the form of profanity, name calling, disrespectful treatment of myself or others  or doing anything else I deem inappropriate.  Your comments, even those that dissent with me, are welcome but must be on topic and within the realm of responsible, respectful and useful debate.  Comments that don’t meet standards will be deleted, no questions asked.

Do you have a news lead to share or a private comment?  Please contact me here.  Also be sure to follow Tony’s Rants on Twitter and “like” Tony’s Rants on Facebook.

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