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postheadericon State Senator Tochtrop refuses to endorse Judy Solano, leaves office with head held high

Colorado State Senator Lois Tochtrop is preparing to ride off into the sunset after a distinguished career in the legislature.  Ever the maverick, Tochtrop said that she will not be endorsing the Democrat chosen to run for her soon-to-be-vacant seat, Judy Solano. The fight for Senate District 24 is going to be one of the […]

postheadericon Tom Tancredo delivers spot on slap down of Dick Wadhams

In a beautifully penned op-ed in the Denver Post, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo masterfully took a swipe at former Colorado GOP chair Dick Wadhams. I don’t have a favorite yet in the Colorado governor race and at this time I don’t believe Tancredo will be my top pick when I do reach a decision.  […]

postheadericon Attorney General candidate says he will ignore Colorado’s laws & the will of the people

Former Adams County district attorney Don Quick said yesterday that if he were elected as Colorado attorney general he would ignore laws approved by Colorado voters if he personally objected to them. Standing outside the Colorado Supreme Court building, Quick said that despite Colorado voters overwhelmingly approving Amendment 43 in 2006, he would not defend […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Recap: Some disappointments but overall a very good election night

Another election is pretty much in the bag and while there is at least one race undecided, winners and losers have mostly been determined.  Analysis does show perhaps a few disappointing outcomes but all-in-all, statewide and local outcomes were satisfactory. Colorado Amendment 66: The billion dollar a year tax hike backed by unions, out of […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Coverage Roundup

In recent weeks I have penned a number of stories about the candidates and issues that will be appearing on voters’ ballots this year.  From a billion dollar a year tax hike and a half dozen local issues to very contentious local elections for school board and city council, much is at stake. For easy […]

postheadericon Outside money pours in to push passage of Colorado’s Amendment 66 billion dollar tax hike

With one fell swoop, two billionaires from outside the state of jumped in and pledged $1 million each to push for the passage of Amendment 66.  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a recent meddler in the Centennial State’s affairs, joined Bill and Melinda Gates and Obama’s political machine in helping push the tax hike. Bloomberg […]

postheadericon Colorado Amendment 66: Billion dollar tax hike would do nothing to solve state’s education woes

Voters will have the opportunity to approve the largest tax increase in Colorado history this year, all to increase funding for government education and its bureaucracy. While Amendment 66 is purveyed as a virtual Panacea that will solve all education woes, the reality is that there are no guarantees beyond the fact that massive amounts […]

postheadericon Slap down: Morse and Giron sent packing as recalls deliver repudiation of leftist policies

Perhaps there is some glimmer of hope for Colorado yet.  In recent years the Centennial State seemed to have taken a solid left turn from its right-of-center roots but the recalls of State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron might signal that our fiercely independent streak isn’t dead yet. Morse and Giron […]

postheadericon State senator from Adams County won’t let child play with Nerf gun following Zimmerman verdict

The incessant need for politicians to inject themselves into issues that they have no business commenting on can be amusing.  Witness Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri (D – Adams County) who apparently has decided that in the wake of a not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman it is too dangerous for his […]

postheadericon Louisiana state senator makes the case for the Republican Party

It is baffling to me that the black community seemingly blindly supports the Democrat Party and its candidates.  This despite the fact that history has shown that the Republicans are the party of opportunity for all people of all types. I recently came across a great video recorded by Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) explaining […]

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