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postheadericon State Senator Tochtrop refuses to endorse Judy Solano, leaves office with head held high

Colorado State Senator Lois Tochtrop is preparing to ride off into the sunset after a distinguished career in the legislature.  Ever the maverick, Tochtrop said that she will not be endorsing the Democrat chosen to run for her soon-to-be-vacant seat, Judy Solano. The fight for Senate District 24 is going to be one of the […]

postheadericon Adams County Rep. Joe Salazar brings partisan politics to Broncos, equates Democrat’s ass to Arabian horse

Normally politics would never enter into a discussion about the Super Bowl bound Denver Broncos but Adams County State Representative Joe Salazar (D) saw fit to cross the line at the state capitol last week and made an ass out of himself in the process. Sporting a thug doo rag, Salazar took to the podium […]

postheadericon Rep. Trey Gowdy hits hard at park service for keeping veterans out of memorials but allowing Occupy protestors to camp for months

Barricades erected by order of the National Park Service, in consultation with the White House, have deterred our nation’s veterans from visiting the memorials built to honor them.  In a hearing today Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) slammed the park service director for his actions. In a rousing question and answer session. Gowdy hammered National Park […]

postheadericon Shutdown quick hits: Veterans, priests, healthcare and more

Never enough time to rant in the day, particularly given so much ammunition this week courtesy the government shutdown and the Obamacare rollout. Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers and trying to assign blame over the shutdown.  The fact of the matter is, that the shutdown is wholly owned by President Barack Obama and Harry […]

postheadericon Criminal county assessor may get plea deal rather than face trial

The Denver Post is reporting that Adams County Assessor Gil Reyes may enjoy a plea deal rather than go forward with his criminal trial set for tomorrow.  The possibility of a plea for a criminal already convicted of other charges is sure to upset county residents searching for a return of ethical governance. Reyes pled […]

postheadericon Appalling: Adams County commissioners impose 1st Amendment restrictions, limit access to public records

Following a sweep of the old guard, crooked commissioners last year, hopes were high that Adams County had turned a corner and was on a path toward ethical governance.  Actions taken last week by newly minted commissioners Eva Henry and Chaz Tedesco show the Adams Family has not learned from its mistakes and in fact […]

postheadericon Tedsco blames ‘exhaustion’ for lying about past, Henry fails to distance herself

Adams County Commissioner candidate Chaz Tedesco is trying (and failing) to right his campaign’s ship and offered a laughable defense of his being caught lying during a television interview.  His counterpart in District 1, Eva Henry, made the mistake of failing to distance herself from her fellow Democrat. Tedesco was caught lying about past DUI […]

postheadericon Romney & Ryan rock Red Rocks as candidates continue to push the Centennial State red

In a rare joint appearance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan appeared before an audience of thousands at Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver last night.  The avenue and the cheering throngs of supporters gave the even the feel of a rock concert as the candidates carried forth their hopeful message. Kid Rock and Rodney Atkins […]

postheadericon Crucial hours lost: Jefferson County School District policies under scrutiny following Jessica Ridgeway disappearance

The disappearance of Jessica Ridgeway from a Denver suburb has riveted the city as all are praying that the missing 10-year-old is found safe.  Time is of the essence in any missing person’s case and I can’t help but wonder if Jefferson County School District’s procedures didn’t cost crucial hours in the search. When Jessica […]

postheadericon National Empty Chair Day pokes fun at the empty suit in the White House

Most people either loved or hated Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention but all would agree it was unique.  His discussion with an empty chair representing President Obama has now sparked an impromptu holiday: ‘National Empty Chair Day.’ The idea started on Twitter and Facebook and it has quickly gone viral spurred on […]

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