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postheadericon No real winners in outcome of Ventura versus Kyle

Like many veterans, I was watching with great interest the court case that pitted former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura against famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s estate.  Ventura won the case yesterday but in my opinion, both men’s images came out as the losers. It is a pretty tough call on how to evaluate the entire […]

postheadericon Terrorists for traitor? Questions abound about trade for Bowe Bergdahl

On the surface the story of the repatriation of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban captivity seems like a good one.  Delving further however shows not only President Barack Obama’s violation of the law but also the very real likelihood that the U.S. is releasing five dangerous terrorists to recover a deserter. By all accounts, […]

postheadericon Deadly failure: VA lies and schemes have dangerous, disastrous consequences for vets

Politicians of every stripe have stepped to the podium to claim their disgust with recent revelations that the Veterans Administration has failed at its most basic mission: Caring for those who have fought for this nation.  The truth of the matter is that as disgusting as this scandal is, it is nothing new and very […]

postheadericon Gold star kid pays it forward in a big way with $20 and a note of thanks to soldier

For many, honoring those who served is simply lip service with no real action to back up their words.  As shown in a recent video from 60 minutes, one young man grasps the price of service and sacrifice like few adults. Eight-year-old Myles Eckert was ecstatic as he entered an Ohio Cracker Barrel one day […]

postheadericon Mark Wahlberg rips into Tom Cruise for comparing acting to military service

It is pretty rare I find anything from Hollywood (or anywhere in California for that matter) worthy of commending but actor Mark Wahlberg deserves a huge shout out.  Following Tom Cruise’s comparison of acting to military service, Wahlberg said, “How fucking dare you.” Watch the video below (language warning) Court papers released recently as part […]

postheadericon Veterans Day 2013

Less than 15% of the U.S. population has served in our nation’s military.  Those numbers serve to highlight the fact that so many owe a debt of gratitude to so few. The call to serve the cause of freedom first rang out over 230 years ago.  Since then countless men and women have donned this […]

postheadericon Next target: IRS goes after veterans service organizations

Following on the IRS targeting of non-profit conservative groups, it is now being discovered that the tax collectors have another target: Veterans service organizations like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. In a story yesterday, detailed the IRS’ attack on VSOs through the use of new overreaching audits that violate these groups’ […]

postheadericon The new military: Homosexuals get privileges denied heterosexual servicemembers

Changes are afoot in the U.S. military following the Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Many of these changes are required to comply with the new legal precedent but Department of Defense officials are set to take the changes a step further and grant special privileges to those in a […]

postheadericon Friday funny: Sailors and sea stories

Sailors are world-renowned for the sea stories they tell of action at sea and oftentimes in port.  Admittedly many of these are fueled by ‘liquid courage’ and the stories do tend to be embellished over time (not that I have ever done that). Today’s Friday funny plays on that theme, one which my shipmates and […]

postheadericon State senator warns that veterans can’t be trusted due to ‘significant metal health problems’

We, our nation’s veterans, are good enough to defend Colorado State Senator Mary Hodge’s First Amendment right to speak like an idiot.  We are not however to be trusted with firearms because in her view we suffer from mental illness. During the debate Friday at the Colorado State Capitol over limitations on high capacity gun […]

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