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postheadericon Mag profile of White House press secretary’s wife shows home featuring Soviet propaganda

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s wife, ABC News contributor Claire Shipman, is featured in the latest issue of Washingtonian MOM magazine.  Sharp-eyed readers noticed that a picture of Shipman and the pair’s children has Soviet-era propaganda posters in the background. It isn’t clear if the picture, taken from a kitchen, is actually Carney and […]

postheadericon Obamacare signup delayed despite administration admission it has no ‘statutory authority’ to do so

The Obama Administration continues to make it up as they go and willfully disregard Federal law as they do.  It was announced last night that individuals who have fallen victim to the disaster of no longer have to complete sign up by the March 31 deadline. Using an ‘honor system’ of checking a box […]

postheadericon Friday funny: Church makes fun of Obamacare

Driving through Henderson this morning I came across this church sign. While I am not looking for a new church, if I were, this would be my first stop.

postheadericon Leftist PACs, labor unions dominate top political donor list

The narrative in the mainstream media is that big business and a select few right-wing people control politics in the U.S. through their domination of campaign contributions.  Thanks to a newly released report, that can be disproved easily. It is not business interests that dominate’s “heavy hitters” list of top donors.  In fact it […]

postheadericon Following most recent Obamacare delay, liberal commentator says Obama ‘really incompetently put this together’

Despite years of planning and billions spent, Obamacare is still not ready for primetime and portions of it have been delayed again.  Even those who have defended President Barack Obama’s so-called signature achievement are at a loss for words to defend him and his welfare state. National Journal columnist and Obamacare cheerleader Ron Fournier wrote […]

postheadericon Barack Obama and the left’s inconsistent thought process about abortion

In a statement marking the anniversary of Roe v Wade today, President Barack Obama said, “This is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”  Food for thought…  Why doesn’t that statement apply to the 55 million babies whose lives were ended in the 41 years since?  What about […]

postheadericon Who to fear? Record numbers say U.S. government biggest threat to future

Liberals oftentimes like to think that government can solve all problems but that of course is never the case and a new poll shows that in greater numbers than ever, Americans view government as the problem, not the answer. Ronald Reagan famously said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from […]

postheadericon On its 150th anniversary, Obama leaves out ‘under God’ when reciting the Gettysburg Address

For all his attempts to make himself appear to be a man that respects our nation’s history and the foundations on which it is built, President Barack Obama routinely falls short.  Most recently was his recital of the Gettysburg Address in which he omits ‘under God.’ Today is the 150th anniversary of the day President […]

postheadericon Veterans Day 2013

Less than 15% of the U.S. population has served in our nation’s military.  Those numbers serve to highlight the fact that so many owe a debt of gratitude to so few. The call to serve the cause of freedom first rang out over 230 years ago.  Since then countless men and women have donned this […]

postheadericon Government shutdown horror: ‘Panda Cam’ at National Zoo goes dark

Unable to come to an agreement on a budget and funding for Obamacare, Congress chose to shut down the United States federal government today.  Amazingly enough the sun still rose this morning without our government overseers however, as a testament to how stupid Washington is, the National Zoo’s ‘Panda Cam’ went dark. Books could be […]

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