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postheadericon Media shocked to discover Pope is Catholic, against abortion

Pope Francis has become a star as the leftist media tries to portray him as a more liberal pontiff than his predecessors.  A news headline Monday by Reuters showed the ignorance of the media in understanding Catholic doctrine, the pope and God’s laws. In a speech this week the pontiff said, “It is horrific even […]

postheadericon U.N. human rights office asks questions on Osama Bin Laden killing; Here’s the answers

The United Nations is usually good for more than a few laughs and certainly its Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has been most worthy of chuckles in the past.  In a move sure to solicit laughter from Americans, the group has had the nerve to ask for justification for the killing of […]

postheadericon Cartoon shows the difficulty in discussing global warming rationally with an alarmist

Does it matter to a global warming alarmist that the person they get most of their information from espouses entirely inaccurate information?  Nope.  Does it matter that so-called climate scientists have been proven to be deceitful and their conclusions highly fallible?  Nope.  Those are just two of the problems with trying to discuss climate change […]

postheadericon The United States’ greatest ally is… France?

France certainly is our oldest ally; after all they were instrumental in helping us in our battle for independence more than 230 years ago.  But are they are greatest ally today?  Given the lack of a backbone exhibited by the country and its leaders and its failure to support U.S. interests, few would think so […]

postheadericon Middle East nations MIA when it comes to Haiti donations

It comes as no big surprise that the United States has been the biggest contributor to the disaster relief operations in the wake of last week’s earthquake in Haiti.  The U.S. government has pledged more than $130 million in aid and that is in addition to untold millions of dollars in material aid in the […]

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