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The Cauldron – John Caldera

  • VIDEO: Institute for Justice’s Clark Neily
  • In time for Earth Day: How “green” are Colorado’s green schools?
  • Calling all entrepreneurs! (And wanna-be entrepreneurs)
  • Institute for Justice Event This Wednesday
  • UPDATED! Article V Symposium featuring Rob Natelson

  • The Colorado Observer

  • Poll: Voters Say Democrat Udall Doesn’t Deserve Reelection, Can’t Shake Republican Gardner
  • Rep. Gardner’s Donor List Shows Bipartisan Support
  • Legislature Revokes “Debtors Prison”
  • Voter Approval Drops for Legislature, Gun Laws
  • ‘Caldara Bill’ Passes, Not with Caldara’s Support

  • Colorado Peak Politics

  • THIRD PARTY EFFECT: What Does It All Mean?
  • INDOMITABLE SPIRIT: Coffman Demonstrates Why He’s Impossible to Beat
  • SHORT MEMORIES: AFP Mistake Honest, Perlmutter Caught Brazenly Politicizing Aurora Theater Shooting
  • TURN THEE UDALL, LOOK UPON THY (POLITICAL) DEATH: Udall’s Poll Numbers Bad Enough to Be Shakespearian Tragedy
  • DIGGING DEEPER: Quinnipiac Poll Forecasts Bad News for Legislative Dems

  • Compass Colorado

    Michelle Malkin

  • Ambassador Power doesn’t object to Iran’s continued inclusion on women’s rights commission, then complains nobody objected
  • Obamacare product placement of the week
  • ‘Nation of laws, not men’: Cliven Bundy makes Harry Reid do pitiful impression of John Adams
  • Diagnosing David Gregory: Meet the Jerk
  • Follow the money: This might help explain why Kathleen Sebelius is still hanging around HHS

  • Ross Putin

  • Mark Udall's Corrupt Keystone Bargain
  • Michael Lewis' Flash Noise
  • Finally Ending Photo Radar in Colorado?
  • The other shoe drops on campaign finance reform
  • Sebelius Possible Subject of Corruption Indictment
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