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The Cauldron – John Caldera

  • 2015 Founders’ Night VIDEO Invitation
  • Urban Renewal and Littleton’s Ballot Measure 300
  • Freedom Minute | Obamacare and the Rule of Law
  • “Progressive” States Have the Greatest Income Inequality
  • Freedom Minute: Obamacare helps the poor?

  • The Colorado Observer

  • The Colorado Observer Ceases Publication
  • One Quarter of Dougco Teachers Drop Union
  • House Passes Health Care Bill for Scandalized VA
  • Denver EPA Hearing Fuels Climate Change Debate
  • Poll: Democrats’ ‘War on Women’ has Backfired

  • Colorado Peak Politics

  • HELLO, HILLARY: Is Bennet’s Reelection Doomed?
  • BUMPER STICKERS, PLEASE: Gardner for President!
  • BIPARTISAN BUMP: Congress Tells VA to Return Bonuses for Jobs Done Wrong
  • PLATFORM FINE PRINT: Colorado Democrats Want 50% Renewable Energy Standard
  • NANNY ALERT: Dem’s Parental Leave Bill a Solution in Search of a Problem

  • Compass Colorado

    Michelle Malkin

  • Earnest and Psaki back up Obama: Not just Jews shop at ‘randomly’ attacked kosher stores, so stop with the profiling!
  • Bill Nye shares climate change proof: The Wyoming hills are alive with ‘science’!
  • “Success story” update! Cut-and-run Obama shuts down Yemen embassy
  • Another ‘general policy’ bites the dust': Kerry and Biden meet with Netanyahu election rival
  • Man-made climate change alarmists continue to be busted revising history

  • Ross Putin

  • Déjà Vu All Over Again
  • My first article for National Review: The Left’s Outrage over Giuliani Rings False
  • Leadership Program of the Rockies 2015 Annual Retreat
  • What I Did on My Winter Vacation
  • Democratic Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers
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