postheadericon Colorado’s 6th Congressional District: Choice between a leftist carpetbagger and a decorated veteran

Congressman Mike Coffman and State Representative Joe Miklosi - Stark differences between the two make for a clear choice for voters.

Congressman Mike Coffman and State Representative Joe Miklosi – Stark differences between the two make for a clear choice for voters.

Ballots in Colorado’s redrawn 6th Congressional District have gone out with many of these voters finding themselves in a new district and with new choices to make.  Congressman Mike Coffman is seeking reelection in the 6th opposed by Joe Miklosi and the difference between the two is stark.

Joe Miklosi has served two terms in the Colorado House of Representatives for the 9th District in Denver.  It goes without saying that winning in Denver isn’t done unless you are a liberal and Miklosi’s record bears that out.

While in the legislature Miklosi backed increased taxes and voted strictly along the Democrat party line.  He also opposed Jessica’s Law which would have imposed mandatory minimum sentencing for child predators.

His record at the State House shows Miklosi is clearly not someone with the right views to represent the moderate CD6.  I suppose he could be proud of legislation he introduced to prevent discrimination against people wearing ‘biker clothes’ – a measure which drew raucous laughter from people on both sides of the aisle.  These are serious times however.

Indeed, the state representative’s campaign has floundered.  He hired an ex-con to perform fundraising, has resorted to claiming credit for legislative accomplishments that were not his, and routinely speaks to empty chairs at campaign events due to a lack of support.

It is also important to note that up until this year Miklosi lived in Denver, outside of the moderate 6th Congressional District.  Just as carpetbaggers did during Reconstruction, he moved to Aurora simply to run for office in the 6th and gain political advantage.  He went on to neglect the district he was elected to represent while he campaigned for higher office.

Incumbent Mike Coffman stands at the opposite end of the spectrum with views that align well with his constituents.  His history of service to his community, the state of Colorado and the nation is unparalleled among Colorado’s elected officials.

Coffman initially joined the Army in 1972, even before finishing high school.  He went on to serve in the Army Reserve while attending college then joined the Marine Corps as an infantry officer.  Returning to Colorado he founded his own company while continuing to serve in the reserves.

In 1990 Coffman was elected to his first political office in the State House of Representatives.  He would then win elections to the State Senate, as the State Treasurer and the Secretary of State before being elected to Congress in 2008.

Most notably Coffman took leaves of absence from office twice to answer the call of the nation.  In 1991 he served in the Persian Gulf War and in 2006 he returned to active duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Since being elected to the House of Representatives Coffman has taken posts in Washington DC representing key interests of Coloradoans – natural resources, small business and veterans and the military.  When not in Washington he is back in our community, talking to constituents, addressing their concerns and helping where he can.

Coffman’s record shows he knows the expectations of his constituents and as he always has, he serves with distinction.  I know Mike Coffman and I can say that you simply will not find a better person to represent CD6.  Vote for Coffman, the choice is clear.

About the new CD6: Courts handed Democrats a Pyrrhic victory when their redistricting map was chosen last year.  Their goal was to make CD6 more more competitive and in some ways they did by changing the mix of voter affiliations however it is unlikely that Election Day will turn out as they hoped.

CD6 now includes the northern third of Thornton, parts of unincorporated Adams County as well as many southern Denver suburbs.  Many of these voters were previously in CD2 or CD7 and represented by officials far removed from their constituents’  views.  

Voters in these northern Denver area suburbs as well as rural Adams County will reap the benefits for the next 10 years.  This gives these people an opportunity to elect representatives more in alignment with their centrist views and abandon liberals like Polis and Perlmutter as well as wannabes like Miklosi. 

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