postheadericon State senator warns that veterans can’t be trusted due to ‘significant metal health problems’

State Senator Mary Hodge (D-Brighton) raises her hand to get her opportunity to slander veterans.

State Senator Mary Hodge (D-Brighton) raises her hand to get her opportunity to slander veterans.

We, our nation’s veterans, are good enough to defend Colorado State Senator Mary Hodge’s First Amendment right to speak like an idiot.  We are not however to be trusted with firearms because in her view we suffer from mental illness.

During the debate Friday at the Colorado State Capitol over limitations on high capacity gun magazines (HB1224), an amendment was offered by Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) that would exempt honorably discharged veterans and members of the National Guard from the bill’s unconstitutional gun grab.

Exemptions already were in the bill for police officers and active duty military personal so exempting those who have fought for our freedom was a logical extension.

Senator Hodge (D-Brighton) instead sought to dismiss the amendment by stereotyping veterans as suffering from mental illness.

Hodge began her comments offering the usual disingenuous platitudes calling veterans “great and wonderful people” but then like all of her ilk, disgustingly turned on them to justify her gun grab.  She said that those who have served our nation should not be trusted because they “come back with significant mental health problems.”

  • Watch: Video of the exchange below

Absolutely stunning.  Hodge chose to take the same tact that Senator Dianne Feinstein did in recent days and perpetuate the same, wrong-headed and disgusting stereotype of veterans.

Senator Lambert rightly rebutted Hodge saying, “Let’s have a little more enlightened viewpoint about our veterans.”

As a veteran who served honorably and that is a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars and someone who is actively involved in veterans affairs I am offended by Hodge’s comments.  The senator owes Colorado’s veterans a very public apology for her reprehensible slandering of those who protect her right to say such stupid things.

Do Hodge’s votes and views truly represent the rural areas of Adams County that are in her district or the independent, Western heritage of our communities?  Of course not and she is ignoring her constituents’ wishes and instead pandering to her liberal overseers.

With our without an apology, Hodge simply added to the body of evidence against the group of Adams County Democrats known as the Adams Family.  These people have embarrassed and taken advantage of the good citizens of our community for decades.

Whose side exactly are Colorado Democrats on?  Hodge dismissed our veterans much like her fellow senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) dismissed a rape victim’s testimony earlier this week.   Let us also not forget Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) who said that women were too emotional to handle a gun when they are threatened with rape.

What we have is a real war waged by the left not only on veterans and women but a war against We the People.

Click here to watch the full, unedited video of the discussion about the amendment.

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