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Teachers and educationAs teachers, you are some of the most prized and valuable assets of our communities.  We entrust you with our children and you shape and educate them into the people they will become as adults. 

Like many jobs, yours is one intertwined with politics but did you know that you actually pay to support political candidates and issues?  Do you know who those candidates are or what the issues may be?  Do you have any real say in who gets that money? Does your union know better than you who is a good candidate or what issues are important?

As members of a teacher’s union, unless you specifically request otherwise, you contribute at least $39.00 annually to people and causes that may not align with your beliefs.  Oftentimes the contribution is much higher than that.  The Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) take that money and spend it how they see fit. 

The Every Member Option (EMO) that you pay is just that – an option!  You can get your money back and take a stand for yourself and decide where your money is best spent and who you want to support.  The catch is that you must take the time to opt out of the political contributions before December 15th.

The two minute video below explains more about the EMO.  Below the video are links to the CEA and your local associations that you can follow to take the needed steps to get your money back and out of union endorsed politics. 

To make an online EMO refund request to CEA, the form you can fill out is at:

To make an EMO refund request to CEA by mail, the address, information required, and printable request form letters are available at:

CEA Local Associations
All members of the following CEA local associations also have an additional EMO deduction, with separate refunds available before Tuesday, December 15. The individual member’s EMO amount is included for each (follow the link after each for more information):
Jefferson County ($24) (
Denver ($24) (
Adams 12 ($24) (
Pueblo 60 ($24) (
Boulder Valley ($12) (
St. Vrain ($10) (
Pueblo 70 (
Pikes Peak ($6) (

AFT Political Refund
AFT members can find information on political refund availability at: also contains information on different teacher membership organizations, and other important resources.

2 Responses to “Attention teachers – Make your own decisions about who and what to support!”

  • Amber:

    I took advantage of this a few years ago. The other teachers got wind of it and made my life hell. Having seen the union machine at its ‘finest’, I then dumped being a union member entirely and haven’t looked back since.

  • Talia:

    Teacher’s unions are very much needed as is their political activism. Without them teacher’s would be subject to firing at the whim of administrations. They also ensure that teachers and students have the resources to succeed. If you don’t like unions, fine, don’t join but don’t cry when you aren’t protected.

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