postheadericon Tedsco blames ‘exhaustion’ for lying about past, Henry fails to distance herself

It isn't Chaz Tedesco's DUI arrests from long ago that trouble us, it was his lying about them and poor excuses for doing so.

It isn’t Chaz Tedesco’s DUI arrests from long ago that trouble us, it was his lying about them and poor excuses for doing so.

Adams County Commissioner candidate Chaz Tedesco is trying (and failing) to right his campaign’s ship and offered a laughable defense of his being caught lying during a television interview.  His counterpart in District 1, Eva Henry, made the mistake of failing to distance herself from her fellow Democrat.

Tedesco was caught lying about past DUI convictions by CBS4′s Brian Maass last week.  This week a history of personal financial problems and allegations of campaign finance irregularities was discovered.

In an interview with the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel the candidate blamed being tired for his failure to respond truthfully to questions in the interview.

“Perhaps due to my level of exhaustion, I responded with less grace than should have been afforded the situation,” Tedesco said.

‘Less grace’?  That’s an interesting way to describe not telling the truth when asked about something multiple times over a period of 10 minutes.

Tedesco goes on to say he hopes voters don’t judge him for the DUIs.  As we have said before, the old infractions are not the issue.  Not telling the truth when your campaign is based on restoring ethical government to Adams County is however a significant problem.

When you run for public office, you know your background is going to be scrutinized.  Tedesco had to know these questions were going to be asked and in fact he had told the Adams County Democratic Party about them previously.  So he will tell the truth to his party’s faithful but not the voters?

Michelle Lyng of the Adams County Reform Project had it right when she said, “Mr. Tedesco is exhibiting the very same lack of personal integrity that has branded Adams County among the most corrupt counties in America.”

It is also worth noting that Eva Henry, running for commissioner in District 1, did not do much to distance herself from Tedesco.

Henry said, “The question just blindsided him,” and called it an “unfortunate incident.”

We would beg to differ.  It is far more than that.

Adams County has suffered at the hands of corrupt Democrats for decades, especially in recent years.  Henry should have made a stronger statement to distance herself from the actions of those within her party that have shamed the county and cost us millions of dollars.

What Adams County citizens expect, and indeed should demand on Election Day, is leaders with unquestionable principles not afraid to ignore political allegiances and just do what is right.  Our elected officials are put in office to represent us and our interests, something which Gary Mikes and Donnia Howell promise to do.

5 Responses to “Tedsco blames ‘exhaustion’ for lying about past, Henry fails to distance herself”

  • Andrew Been:


    Have you spoken to Chaz about this? Have you read his “Letter to my constituents ‘Setting the record straight’”? Here is the link: He makes clear his position here. Mr. Tedesco is a fine human being and admits his faults. We all have faults.

    I have a question! Who is funding Adams County Reform Project? People make mistakes, but to immediately assume from one mistake that candidate is in the wrong shows an extreme bias.

    Adams county reform comes up with a 527 group and an independent expenditure group when I search for that name. One expenditure for that group shows $70k! That’s a lot of money. That’s twice what a lot of average people earn! and that was just for one media project/other type of expenditure. Do we need that large amount of money influencing our local politics? Does that money have our interests at heart? I’d like to know who is behind that kind of money!

    I’m guessing national right wing groups that want to control Adams county have put money into that fund. And are using supposed local people to make that happen. I moved to Adams county about 7 years ago. I’m surprised by some of the turmoil. A lot of it may be astro turf using large amounts of Washington D.C. lawyer and lobby money to influence our back yard. I think the opposite should be the way things work!

    Adams County is ours, and we need to take it back from these shadowy money groups, and Mr. Tedesco has shown himself to be a good man and will make a very good commissioner! I think he will stand up to the moneyed interests and stand up for the regular people of Adams county.

    • Tony:

      I think Mr. Tedesco’s position on his missteps are pretty clear. His ‘letter to my constituents’ is the same thing he sent to the Sentinel in an email and is linked to in the story. It was nothing new.

      Let’s remember that he was given over 10 minutes in his interview with Brian Maass to come clean. First he denied anything. Then he said he was only ‘picked up’ for shoplifting as a child. Then he only admitted to one DUI. Finally he told the truth. In the end a lame excuse about being tired is given. Whatever.

      We also still have the outstanding question of his personal and campaign finances. He will be answering to the Secretary of State for what appears to be some significant campaign finance violations.

      In a county clearly yearning for – and indeed needing – 100% above board leaders in office, these problems indicate that while he may be a good man, Mr. Tedesco falls short. We have had more than enough of poor leadership and lack of ethics from the Adams Family.

      “Shadowy money groups” are nothing new in local politics. Certainly Democrats benefit from the vast majority of it thanks to labor unions.

      The nearly $15,000 from unions that have been given in commissioner race make it clear big bucks is being spent. Labor will want that paid back in kind – just as they always do. Likely it will cost county voters in the form of ‘best value contracting’ or ‘Quality and Transparency In Procurement’ or any number of other measures. We see this happening in Thornton right now.

      Are those labor unions coming out and backing reforms in Adams County? Are they advocating on behalf of citizens fed up with the corruption, graft, cronyism and scandals? Of course not. They are backing the same folks they have always backed. They have no interest in seeing Adams County fixed – they have benefited from the corruption.

      If it takes a group like ACRP to help set things right, then that is a good thing.

  • Allan:

    Man Adams County Democrats have nothing but the bottom of the barrel to scrape.

  • Chris:

    I’ve heard that Al Gore blamed the altitude for Mr. Tedsco’s exhaustion!

  • Linda:

    Mr. Been: You have lived here 7 years. The pathetic, thug-like state of affairs in Adams County can be traced many years back. The “Adams Family Tree” doesn’t go back far enough in time to understand the horrible, crooked Democratic behavior in this county. You have to trace the roots back to at least the 1950′s or before with Frank Ciancio and his family and established business in Welby, CO. Today, they are ALL still related and in bed with other extended family members. The time is now to vote them out!!!

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