Backfire: President Obama uses bin Laden killing as evidence of foreign policy strength

President Obama certainly deserves credit for making the call to go after Osama Bin Laden but it isn’t appropriate for him to exploit it for political gain.

It is difficult for a Democrat to lay claim to being strong on national security and foreign policy, particularly for Barack Obama whose list of failed policies is long and far from distinguished.  His effort this past week to turn the killing of Osama Bin Laden into a campaign issue has backfired on him supremely and only serves to highlight his failures overseas.

Certainly the president deserves credit for ordering the mission to kill bin Laden.  As I wrote at the time, “President Barack Obama, his national security team and the U.S. military should be applauded for their actions in sending bin Laden to hell.”

The problem comes when President Obama, who famously refused to ‘spike the football’ afterwards, does an about face and attempts to garner all the credit for himself solely for electoral gain.  The “One Chance” advertisement released by his campaign is a sad and desperate attempt to rescue his reelection campaign.

It is somewhat amusing that the campaign chose to have Bill Clinton narrate the video.  President Clinton of course presided over the failed mission in Somalia and the disastrous ‘Blackhawk Down’ incident.  He also failed to take real action when Saddam Hussein was killing hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shi’ites launching impotent cruise missile strikes instead.

In truth, ordering the mission against bin Laden was truly a ‘no brainer’ if ever there was one – as Mitt Romney said, even Jimmy Carter would have made the call.  For the president to act as if this was some extraordinary act of heroism on his part is disingenuous and self-aggrandizing, both traits that I suppose Americans have come to expect from the man.

Making matters worse, the president’s continual reference to himself in describing the mission only reinforces the view that this is a man with a monstrous ego.  “I said that I’d go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him, and I did,” President Obama said on Tuesday.

If Obama Got Osama, Who Did The SEALs Get? (Right Stuff)

Disgusting.  Last time I checked, it was the Navy SEALs that went after bin Laden.  Further, as TIME Magazine revealed, the go / no go call on the mission was made by Admiral Bill McRaven.  A memo from then-CIA head Leon Panetta put the “timing, operational decision making and control” in McRaven’s hands.

The episode shows what a small man the campaigner-in-chief really is.  Ever the political opportunist, he is exploiting his one foreign policy success in four years for his gain while minimizing those who do the hard lifting to protect our nation.

Former SEALs, former Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen and even leftist Arianna Huffington are lambasting the president.

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