postheadericon Flashback: President Obama explains lower gas prices

This morning I filled up my American made, gas guzzling, V8 powered truck and was pleased to only pay $2.60 per gallon.  The relatively low gas price had me wondering what was driving down the price of fuel.  Then it occurred to me: President Obama explained lower gas prices in one of his debates with Mitt Romney. I think he may very well be right.

One Response to “Flashback: President Obama explains lower gas prices”

  • 4ever49:

    Glad to see you thought $2.60 / gallon was a good deal.

    I recall paying $0.19 / gallon in Longmont during a gas war – now that was a good price!

    It’s all a supply/demand thing at the end of the day.

    Obama can fantasize otherwise all he wants.

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