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I recently came across a very interesting image (see below) that might shed a lot of light on why President Barack Obama and his administration are flailing on issues at home and abroad.  The image is an analysis of the background of cabinet appointees for every presidential administration dating back to Theodore Roosevelt. 

The private sector accounts for more than 80% of the employment in the United States.  This makes sense as businesses are what drive this country and drive the economy.  So if you were president and you were overseeing an economy in deep trouble, would it not make sense to turn to the private sector for advice?  Are those not the people you would want to help? 

Apparently this is not the case with the Obama administration as less than 10% of the president’s 432 appointees have private sector experience.  That is far below every one of the previous 18 administrations since 1900. 

Could this explain why the administration hasn’t a clue on how to fix the economy?  It certainly doesn’t appear to have the experience within itself of those who are the driving force of the nation’s economic health.

Presidential cabinet appointments with private sector experience

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