postheadericon Alice Nichol… Republican?

Adams County Commissioner Alice Nichol

Former Adams County Commissioner and life-long Democrat Alice Nichol has become a registered Republican.

File this with other strange and bizarre Adams County political happenings but staunch, life-long Democrat Alice Nichol has become a Republican.  No, really!

Nichol has been spotted at various Republican events in recent months. On Sunday the Denver Post reported that she changed her voter registration on her birthday, February 6, which also is Ronald Reagan’s birthday.

After being investigated for alleged wrongdoing while serving as an Adams County Commissioner, Nichol very publicly had said the local Democrat party had abandoned her despite her years of service to liberal causes.  She then became an independent.

“After 50 years a Democrat and one year unaffiliated, I’m now a Republican,” Nichol told the Post. “The Democratic Party left me, honestly. They had no faith in me throughout all that publicity. They treated me like a leper.”

This is certainly another twist in the saga of Adams County Democrat happenings.

It appears this is nothing more than Nichol ‘giving the finger’ to the leftists but I have to wonder if perhaps maybe, just maybe, she has seen the light and realized the right is right.  ;-)

postheadericon Breaking: Adams County Commissioners set to endorse sheriff’s jail cap

The wrangling around Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr’s unilateral imposition of a cap on municipal inmates at the county jail continues as the Board of County Commissioners announced this morning it will break its trust with the public and endorse the cap.

Last week five municipalities filed suit against the county and the sheriff’s office saying that the cap on inmates jeopardized public safety.  It was the latest move in a three-year battle in which Darr has ignored the pleas of city officials, chiefs of police and citizens.

This morning the county posted to its website a notice saying, “The Adams County Board of Commissioners will, on Monday, pass a resolution placing a cap on the number of municipal inmates accepted at 30.”

This move is shocking on a number of levels.

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postheadericon Adams County cities file lawsuit against sheriff, commissioners over jail inmate cap

Five Adams County cities are suing the sheriff and county commissioners over the much-maligned cap on the number of municipal inmates that has jeopardized citizen safety.

Aurora, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Northglenn and Thornton filed the suit in district court on Wednesday.  The suit names Sheriff Doug Darr and the members of the Adams County Board of Commissioners.

In it, the cities say, “the safety of Plaintiff’s citizenry has been compromised by Defendant Darr’s actions.”

The cap on the number of duly sentenced criminals allowed in the jail has been a point of contention between area cities and the county for three years.  These municipalities and their taxpayers paid for the relatively new jail that now sits largely unoccupied.

Despite efforts by the cities to reach an amicable solution that would not jeopardize public safety, Darr has essentially told the cities to pound sand.  He has turned a deaf ear to the concerns of local police chiefs, elected officials and citizens.

The chiefs of police have unanimously said that Darr’s lockout has put citizens at risk.

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postheadericon Leftist PACs, labor unions dominate top political donor list

Union campaign contributions buy influence at all levels of government.

It is labor union money – not businesses – that lead campaign contributions.

The narrative in the mainstream media is that big business and a select few right-wing people control politics in the U.S. through their domination of campaign contributions.  Thanks to a newly released report, that can be disproved easily.

It is not business interests that dominate’s “heavy hitters” list of top donors.  In fact it is labor unions and liberal Political Action Committees that have made up the bulk of contributions over the past 25 years – by a longshot.

The Center for Responsive Politics analyzed the expenditures of various groups and then classified them based on where they spent their money – Republican or Democrat.  Some groups had a definite tilt one way or the other.  Most businesses however hedged their bets and donated pretty equally to both sides of the aisle.

It is rather illuminating to see that of the top 25 donors, 15 donate predominately to Democrats and liberal causes.  Seven of the top 25 split between each side.  Only three leaned right and those weren’t by much.

Labor unions dominate the listings holding 13 of the top 25.  This includes the AFSCME, NEA, IBEW, UAW, AFT and the other usual suspects.  As expected, all steer the majority of their funds to leftist candidates and causes.

Combined, those unions have spent nearly a half billion dollars of their members’ hard earned money on political activities.  And yet union leadership can’t understand why their membership is in continual decline.

At the other side of the spectrum, it is interesting to note how far down on the list the usual bogeymen that the left cries about are.

A prime example is Koch Industries, a favorite target of the left.  They are clear down at number 59.  Eighteen unions ranked higher.

postheadericon Following most recent Obamacare delay, liberal commentator says Obama ‘really incompetently put this together’

Following more bad news for Obamacare, even liberals find themselves unable to defend the president's signature achievement.

Following more bad news for Obamacare, even liberals find themselves unable to defend the president’s signature achievement.

Despite years of planning and billions spent, Obamacare is still not ready for primetime and portions of it have been delayed again.  Even those who have defended President Barack Obama’s so-called signature achievement are at a loss for words to defend him and his welfare state.

National Journal columnist and Obamacare cheerleader Ron Fournier wrote yesterday, “It’s getting difficult and slinking toward impossible to defend the Affordable Care Act.”

Fournier lays out a litany of issues with the implementation of the law including the falsifying of numbers by officials, the lack of accountability for the website catastrophe and the potentially illegal and continued delays in implementation.

He was not the only liberal admitting the welfare program was becoming indefensible. 

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers said she agreed with Fournier’s comments and was even more pointed in her critique.

“People who have supported the law, who support universal health care, are constantly put in the position of having to defend this president, who has really incompetently put this together, rolled it out, and that’s why he has to do this. It’s why he has to keep doing this, because it’s not working,” Powers said on the air.

“It’s now gotten to the point where it seems like there’s an exemption made for pretty much everybody except for individuals,” she continued. “A lot of people who have really been screwed over by the law, you know, who are left without insurance or with extremely expensive insurance.”

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postheadericon Attorney General candidate says he will ignore Colorado’s laws & the will of the people

It is the attorney general's job to uphold and defend the justly enacted laws of the state.

It is the attorney general’s job to uphold and defend the justly enacted laws of the state.

Former Adams County district attorney Don Quick said yesterday that if he were elected as Colorado attorney general he would ignore laws approved by Colorado voters if he personally objected to them.

Standing outside the Colorado Supreme Court building, Quick said that despite Colorado voters overwhelmingly approving Amendment 43 in 2006, he would not defend the law.  Amendment 43 defines marriage as only being between a man and a woman.

The debate about gay marriage is irrelevant to the greater issue of Quick’s statement.  The fact Quick said he would ignore the will of the people of Colorado and it is highly troubling.

Quick, running to replace term-limited Attorney General John Suthers, clearly fails to understand that as State Attorney General, his primary job will be to uphold the laws of the state of Colorado.  This is non-negotiable.

If a law has been passed by the legislature and signed into law or duly passed by a vote of the people, it is not the AG’s job to unilaterally decide not to enforce it.  It is not his responsibility or his right.

Courts adjudicate the merits and legality of laws and set precedent, the AG does not.

Whether Quick, or any other attorneys general, believes a law is constitutional is irrelevant.  The courts will reach that determination and until a law is determined unconstitutional – by a court – the AG must defend it.

Attorney General Suthers recently penned a piece for the Washington Post where he called the decision by some state’s attorneys general to ignore the will of the people a “litigation veto.”

Suthers quite accurately stated, “While attorneys general are typically more accountable to the people than are the courts, they still are not part of the lawmaking apparatus; they are elected or appointed to defend the laws, not to undermine them. Attorneys general have an ethical obligation to provide zealous representation of their clients — in this case, the people whose laws they are charged with defending.”

Quick’s statement belies a troubling trend we see within our government at all levels.  President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have unilaterally chosen what laws they will enforce and even modify laws at will.  In doing so, these officials are unjustly and illegally negating the will of the people.

With a background drawn from the corrupt Adams County Democrat driven political machine, Quick’s statement that he would ignore the law is perhaps not entirely surprising.  He simply is trying to carry forth the crooked dealings we have dealt with locally to the state level.

Editor’s note: The Quick campaign might want to pay their bills.  I noticed their domain name expired yesterday due to non-payment.

Colorado Attorney General candidate Don Quick (D) apparently failed to pay the bill for his website's domain name.

Colorado Attorney General candidate Don Quick (D) apparently failed to pay the bill for his website’s domain name.

postheadericon Local election cycle begins to heat up as Adams County candidates declare

Election DayWhat is sure to be a heated and highly contest bunch of county elections in 2014 is getting ready to start in earnest.  Major party county assemblies are next month and candidates are starting to make their case for their party’s voters.

Following is a quick rundown of each Adams County race and the candidates that have filed with the Secretary of State.  If residents truly want to rid the county of its corrupt officials, selecting the right people for public office is critical.  I offer my quick hits on some of the races and candidates with much more to come as the assemblies get closer.

  • Editor’s note, updated 12:11 p.m. – A few notes since originally published.  Stan Martin will be running for Clerk & Recorder.  An additional candidate for assessor is expected to be announced as well.  Sources also indicate that Doug Darr is not running for commissioner.
  • Editor’s note, update 3/2/14 – I have learned that the Ed Casso running for Clerk and Recorder is not the former state representative.  It is actually that man’s father.

If you have any information you would like to have considered about any of the candidates, leave a comment or contact me privately (confidentiality assured).

Adams County Assessor – Current assessor and convicted criminal Gil Reyes (D) is finally set to vacate the office.  Unfortunately there appears to be only one candidate for the office and he is one that has a D after his name like all other political officials that have embarrassed county residents.  The local Republican party appears to be unable to field a candidate.

  • John Schaul (D)
  • John Doe (R) – Awaiting confirmation of this candidate.

Clerk & Recorder – Karen Long (D) is finally done and someone new will be taking over this office.  Residents would certainly like to find a competent official that fix our poorly run elections.  Don’t hold your breath.  As is, by the time November rolls around there will only be one candidate to choose from and that is a shame.

  • Edward Casso (D) – Former three term State Representative for House District 32.  Voting record in legislature indicates he is beholden to labor unions, more than willing to increase taxes on job makers. Father of former State Representative Ed Casso.  Undoubtedly big labor will love him like they did his son.
  • Stan Martin (R) – Third generation Adams County resident and small businessman.  Leader of the effort to stop the unjust taxation of county residents via a so-called ‘stormwater tax.’  Likely a good guardian of citizen rights.
  • Cynthia Martinez (D) – Current Brighton City Council member.

Coroner – This year features a rematch of the 2010 election with the same candidates.  That year Bronucia-Jordan won and came into office with a flurry of controversy.  Arnall

  • Michael “Mike” Arnall (R) – Was unjustly fired by previous coroner James Hibbard (D) and won a big settlement from the county.  Since losing the previous election a quid pro quo agreement between he and Broncucia-Jordan has allowed him to continue to work for the county.
  • Monica Broncucia-Jordan (D) – Came into office following the disgraced exit of her predecessor.  Has failed to resolve all the ongoing issues with the corner’s office.

Treasurer – County Democrats are seeking to reclaim this office after the previous, corrupt Dem to occupy the office was booted in 2010.  Voters should certainly remember that party’s candidates actions come November.

  • Steve Douglas (D) – Commerce City councilmember.
  • Brigitte Grimm (R) – Came into office in 2010 and cleaned up this disgraced county office.  Well worth reelecting.
  • Alexander Villagran (D) – Adams County Democrat Party activist.

Sheriff – This is probably going to be one of the most contentious and closely watched local races.  Current sheriff Doug Darr is term-limited (thankfully!) and there are a host of choices.

  • James Fariello (AN) – A perpetual candidate for office having made failed runs for sheriff, commissioner and coroner.  The only real role Fariello will play is as a potential spoiler preventing an electable and worthy candidate from winning the office.
  • Mike McIntosh (R) – A current division chief within the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, McIntosh was hand-picked by current sheriff Doug Darr to run for office. That alone should worry county residents as it would seem to portend more of the same, failed leadership would be ahead.
  • Norbert “Larry” Medina (D) – A 23-year veteran of the sheriff’s office.  Currently works in the jail.
  • Mark Nicastle (R) – Was wrongfully targeted and retaliated against by Darr.  Nicastle now seeks to claim the office which he ran for previously.  Has the resume to support his election and has the overwhelming support of the rank and file in the department.
  • Fred Ramirez (R) – Former New York City law enforcement officer.
  • Richard “Rick” Reigenborn (D) – A 23-year veterans of the sheriff’s office.  Defendant in a case against him and other North Metro Drug Task Force supervisors for allegedly retaliating against whistleblowers. Not a good sign.

County Commissioner District 3 – A fascinating matchup pitting an incumbent who has fulfilled a promise to work toward restoring the public trust in county government against a man who from behind the scenes fed the old culture of corruption.

County Commissioner District 4 – One of the two new districts, whoever is elected will represent those in the southwestern, urban part of the county.

  • Joseph “Joe” Domenico (R) – Lifelong Adams County resident, active in the community, primarily in the Welby area.
  • Steven O’Dorisio (D) – Longtime Democrat activist with strong ties to the corrupt Adams Family and familial ties to Alice Nichol.  Run, don’t walk, from this candidate.

County Commissioner District 5 – The second new district, District 5 is the largest in terms of land mass covering Brighton, Aurora and areas to the east.

  • Mary Ellen Casso-Pollack (D) – Brighton business person.  One I don’t quite grasp. Ties to and endorsements from the old Adams Family however appears to have supported the Republican presidential ticket in 2012.
  • Robert “Bob” Gaiser (D) – Former Broomfield City Councilman.
  • Janice “Jan” Pawlowski (R) – Former Brighton mayor.  When in office fought against Adams County corruption and RTD’s failures to live up to its promises.
  • Wilma Rose (D) – Former Brighton city council member.
  • Thomson “Thom” Stanfield (D) – Local business person, staunch opponent of the county’s stormwater utility.

postheadericon Adams County Rep. Joe Salazar brings partisan politics to Broncos, equates Democrat’s ass to Arabian horse

Rep. Joe Salazar (right) tried to equate his political party’s mascot with the Denver Broncos’ mascot (left).

Rep. Joe Salazar (right) tried to equate his political party’s mascot with the Denver Broncos’ mascot (left).

Normally politics would never enter into a discussion about the Super Bowl bound Denver Broncos but Adams County State Representative Joe Salazar (D) saw fit to cross the line at the state capitol last week and made an ass out of himself in the process.

Sporting a thug doo rag, Salazar took to the podium in the House and said, “By sheer similarity of genetics we have to declare that Thunder is a Democrat.”

Salazar thought he might somehow tie this fine animal to the Democrat donkey symbol.

For non-Broncos fans that may not know, Thunder is the Broncos’ mascot.  The purebred white Arabian horse is the only live mascot in the NFL and a source of pride for all – no matter party affiliation.

It was a tasteless display of partisanship over the Broncos’ success, something which should certainly unite us all in orange as the Revealing Politics video below points out.

Of course Salazar isn’t the brightest bulb having embarrassed himself and insulted women in the last legislative session.

Representative Don Coram (R) rightfully set Salazar right saying, “Remember Thunder is a Bronco, not a jackass.”

Agreed.  There is only one jackass in this episode, sadly he represents parts of Adams County.

postheadericon Barack Obama and the left’s inconsistent thought process about abortion

In a statement marking the anniversary of Roe v Wade today, President Barack Obama said, “This is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.” 

Food for thought…  Why doesn’t that statement apply to the 55 million babies whose lives were ended in the 41 years since?  What about those opportunities and dreams that have been snuffed out in the name of ‘reproductive rights’?  Perhaps the president and the left should acknowledge that.

postheadericon Media shocked to discover Pope is Catholic, against abortion

Despite the mainstream media's wishes, Pope Francis is indeed Catholic and does abhor evil and sin.

Despite the mainstream media’s wishes, Pope Francis is indeed Catholic and does abhor evil and sin.

Pope Francis has become a star as the leftist media tries to portray him as a more liberal pontiff than his predecessors.  A news headline Monday by Reuters showed the ignorance of the media in understanding Catholic doctrine, the pope and God’s laws.

In a speech this week the pontiff said, “It is horrific even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day.”

Reuters’ story about Pope Francis’ comments led with the headline, “Pope, in nod to conservatives, calls abortion ‘horrific’.”

I about fell off my chair laughing.  A ‘nod to conservatives’?

The media tried to portray the statement as something new, as if the pope only said it to pacify conservative members of the Church.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

For anyone except those on the far left (like the media) the statement is hardly surprising.  It reflects God’s law and hundreds of years of Catholic doctrine.

Life, all life, is precious and to be protected at all costs.  Society’s values may change, God’s teachings do not.

“His stance favoring mercy over condemnation has disoriented conservative Catholics,” the story goes on to say.

This of course almost certainly having been written by a non-Catholic and most likely someone who doesn’t attend church, let alone Catholic mass.

Those who are part of the faith know full well that mercy and understanding toward all beings, even those we disagree with, is a core value of Catholicism.

Leftists have mistaken Pope Francis’ softer tone and way of conducting business as a signal that the Catholic Church is changing course.  It is not.

Pope Francis is simply more adept at conveying the Catholic view than his predecessor.  There has not been and will not be any monumental shift in our belief that there is right and there is wrong.  This applies to not only abortion but an entire host of other issues that liberals simply cannot comprehend.

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