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postheadericon Election 2014: Adams County Clerk, Treasurer and Assessor

Three seemingly unassuming positions within Adams County government have become a hotbed for political activity this year.  The race for County Clerk and Recorder, Treasurer and Assessor afford voters an opportunity to continue in the right direction with one office and correct significant issues with two others. County Clerk and Recorder This race has been […]

postheadericon Election 2014: Adams County Sheriff and Coroner Races

Two races in Adams County with no good choices in either of them.  Sheriff Doug Darr is finally on his way out and voters are left picking between the lesser of two evils.  In the coroner’s race, it is a rematch of the election four years ago with both candidates assured jobs with the county […]

postheadericon Election 2014: Adams County Commissioner Races

This year is arguably one of the most critical elections at virtually every level of government we have seen in a very long time.  At the county level, an expansion of the Board of County Commissioners and the occupants of those new seats are going to be critical to the county’s future.  Residents need to […]

postheadericon State Senator Tochtrop refuses to endorse Judy Solano, leaves office with head held high

Colorado State Senator Lois Tochtrop is preparing to ride off into the sunset after a distinguished career in the legislature.  Ever the maverick, Tochtrop said that she will not be endorsing the Democrat chosen to run for her soon-to-be-vacant seat, Judy Solano. The fight for Senate District 24 is going to be one of the […]

postheadericon Adams County Sheriff candidate appears to break campaign finance law

Adams County political candidates seem to break the law in some way, shape or form in just about every election.  This go around it seems Democrat candidate for sheriff, Norbert “Larry” Medina, has been illegally accepting corporate contributions including ones from a ‘gentlemen’s club’. Campaign finance filings with the Colorado Secretary of State for the […]

postheadericon Member of storied Adams County family, Democrat, among group receiving Broncos perks

Political service in Adams County has always come with its little under-the-table benefits, particularly for Democrats.  This week we learned how volunteering to serve on a board that meets twice a year can get you a cushy luxury suite for Broncos’ games for free. In a story that aired Sunday night on CBS4, investigative reporter […]

postheadericon Adams County Democrats claim ownership of government center, violate copyright law

The latest issue of the Adams County Democratic Party newsletter, the Gadfly, is an eye-opener on the first page.  Not only do the local Democrats lay claim to the county government center as theirs, they illegally use a copyrighted photo to do so. The “Special Edition 2014 Caucus” of the newsletter shows the return address […]

postheadericon Alice Nichol… Republican?

File this with other strange and bizarre Adams County political happenings but staunch, life-long Democrat Alice Nichol has become a Republican.  No, really! Nichol has been spotted at various Republican events in recent months. On Sunday the Denver Post reported that she changed her voter registration on her birthday, February 6, which also is Ronald Reagan’s […]

postheadericon Local election cycle begins to heat up as Adams County candidates declare

What is sure to be a heated and highly contest bunch of county elections in 2014 is getting ready to start in earnest.  Major party county assemblies are next month and candidates are starting to make their case for their party’s voters. Following is a quick rundown of each Adams County race and the candidates […]

postheadericon Adams County Rep. Joe Salazar brings partisan politics to Broncos, equates Democrat’s ass to Arabian horse

Normally politics would never enter into a discussion about the Super Bowl bound Denver Broncos but Adams County State Representative Joe Salazar (D) saw fit to cross the line at the state capitol last week and made an ass out of himself in the process. Sporting a thug doo rag, Salazar took to the podium […]

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