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postheadericon Alice Nichol… Republican?

File this with other strange and bizarre Adams County political happenings but staunch, life-long Democrat Alice Nichol has become a Republican.  No, really! Nichol has been spotted at various Republican events in recent months. On Sunday the Denver Post reported that she changed her voter registration on her birthday, February 6, which also is Ronald Reagan’s […]

postheadericon Disgraced former Adams County Commissioner brags about ripping off taxpayers

The audacity and to be quite frankly the stupidity of many of the current and former leaders of Adams County never seeks to amaze.  In an interview with CBS4 former Adams County Commissioner Larry Pace bragged about how he fleeced the taxpayers for eight years. Pace is the leading opponent to Adams County Ballot Issue […]

postheadericon Comical: Nichol says she always wanted to resolve Adams County problems

Last week it was announced that Adams County Commissioner Alice Nichol would not face criminal charges for her involvement with the Quality Paving scandal.  The conclusions reached in the investigation far from absolved her and other officials of responsibility and her response was comical. The investigation was conducted by Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey.  […]

postheadericon The money trail: Commissioner candidates reap big bucks from special interests, fellow politicians

Running for political office is an expensive endeavor, even at the local level.  Delving into current Adams County Commissioner candidates’ donor records reveals big contributions from special interest groups and even from the same disgraced politicians we are trying to rid ourselves of. Every election year I write a story about campaign contributions to the […]

postheadericon Guest Editorial: Help Wanted – Two Good Commissioners

By Kevin Raines - In November, two county commissioner seats will be up for election in Adams County, and the current occupants of those seats will leave public office. This is a very, very good thing. In fairness, not every recent scandal can be traced directly to departing incumbents Skip Fischer, Alice Nichol, and their buddy Larry […]

postheadericon Honor amongst thieves? Commissioner Alice Nichol changes voter affiliation to save Democrats further embarrassment

Plagued by scandals, the Adams County Democrats may have found a way to jettison their biggest liability.  In a public hearing today disgraced Commissioner Alice Nichol announced she was changing her political affiliation to unaffiliated. During the Elected Officials’ Communication portion of the public hearing, Nichol simply announced, “After 50 years as an Adams County […]

postheadericon Guest Editorial: Brighton, we have a problem

By Kevin Raines - In the movie Apollo 13, there’s a great scene about crisis control.  As the emergency begins, systems are failing and gauges are dropping and there’s a tinge of panic building in the air.  Ground control members are calling out problems nonstop when Gene Kranz steps in and changes the direction of the […]

postheadericon Adco Dems show Nichol the door; Nominate union activist to replace her

Following on their inability to conduct a timely and accurate assembly with only 350 voters, the Adams County Democrats have released the results.  Embattled Adams County Commissioner Alice Nichol failed to achieve enough support to move forward to the primary and in her place the Democrats are nominating union activist Charles “Chaz” Tedesco. The writing […]

postheadericon Adams County parties hold assemblies; Democrats in disarray, results still unknown

Saint Patrick’s Day was a big day in politics locally as Republicans and Democrats gathered to establish the issues and candidates that will be going forward leading up to November’s elections.  While the Republicans competently completed their work, Adams County Democrats are in disarray and don’t even know the results of their assembly. We have […]

postheadericon Adams Family shenanigans hit school district; Charges of nepotism hurled at board president, cousin of disgraced commissioner

Here on Tony’s Rants we use the term ‘Adams Family’ (first coined by Complete Colorado) to describe the inbred corruption amongst Adams County’s elected officials.  Now we find out that the dirty dealings go beyond just those elected officials with a (D), it also runs in family blood and has infected a local school district. […]

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