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postheadericon Another Adams County Democrat scandal: Public Trustee Carol Snyder milks taxpayers for thousands

Few people know exactly what a ‘public trustee’ is in county government but many will soon be learning about it as it turns out some of these folks have been fleecing taxpayers for a lot of money.  Among them is Adams County Public Trustee Carol Snyder who despite having an office job managed to get […]

postheadericon The race for governor of Colorado – Untangling the gubernatorial mess

Like the nation, the state of Colorado has taken a turn decidedly left in its representation over the past four years.  Also like the nation, it has been an abject failure.  Our state’s budget is a disaster, we have seen legislation passed that supports special interests and ignores the people, our taxes have increased and […]

postheadericon Time to go – Dan Maes must quit Colorado gubernatorial race immediately

What should have been a success story for citizens in action against the establishment and our government has gone horribly wrong.  Supported by the Tea Party and 9/12’ers, Dan Maes was on the fast track to the state capitol but that train had slowed to a crawl in recent weeks and new revelations have derailed […]

postheadericon Latest Rasmussen polls provide insight into Colorado voters’ thinking

Gauging what is going on in Colorado voters’ minds can be a tough one.  In a state with an evenly split electorate between Democrats, Republicans and independents, trying to get voters to agree is a lot like herding cats – not an easy task for sure. The latest Rasmussen poll provides some interesting insights into […]

postheadericon Online entrepreneurs lose source of income thanks to Colorado legislature

The progressive tax policies of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and the Democrat-led state legislature have now forced a loss of income on hundreds if not thousands of Coloradoans.  Their choice to push for collection of sales tax on out of state sales has caused to shut down its affiliate program for all Colorado residents.  […]

postheadericon Colorado Governor Bill Ritter decides not to run for reelection – State rejoices

Good morning – and I do mean GOOD morning.  Colorado is waking up to the news that Governor Bill Ritter will not seek reelection and that is putting wide smiles on many folks’ faces today.  Governor “Never Met a Committee I Didn’t Like” Ritter told his staff yesterday of the decision and will hold a […]

postheadericon Survey gives Penry and Frazier the lead

In a survey of 500 people conducted by Mount Virtus, Slapstick Politics and People’s Press Collective a clear leader for the Republican nomination for governor has emerged while the Senate race is a bit more muddled.  The results give gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry a clear 17 point lead over Scott McInnis.  Certainly given the results […]

postheadericon Colorado now ranks as least attractive state for oil and gas investment

Thanks to Governor Bill Ritter and the Colorado State Legislature, the state has plummeted from first to last in a ranking of states’ attractiveness for oil and gas investment.  The continually shifting political environment, last minute regulatory changes, punitive measures and rising costs have seen many oil and gas companies close up shop in Colorado […]

postheadericon State capitol news – House votes to end death penalty and more

As the legislative session starts to wind down, our state legislators are in a frenzy trying to wrap up the ridiculous state budget and churning out all sorts of asinine measures.  Among the highlights: Colorado House approves measure to eliminate death penalty- Reasoning that it is cheaper to keep a prisoner in prison for life, […]

postheadericon Thousands rally at Denver TEA Party

Thousands of people fed up with the federal government and its constant intrusion into states’ rights and taxpayer pocketbooks rallied at the Colorado state capitol in downtown Denver today.  Guest speakers included  Congressman Mike Coffman, Gunny Bob, Jon Caldera, Tom Lucero  (7th CD candidate), Mike Kopp (CO State Senator), and Josh Penry (CO State Senate […]

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