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postheadericon Adams County Sheriff candidate appears to break campaign finance law

Adams County political candidates seem to break the law in some way, shape or form in just about every election.  This go around it seems Democrat candidate for sheriff, Norbert “Larry” Medina, has been illegally accepting corporate contributions including ones from a ‘gentlemen’s club’. Campaign finance filings with the Colorado Secretary of State for the […]

postheadericon Adams County officials, administrators enjoy plush mountain retreat

In recent years residents of Adams County have been told a lack of money is the reason behind cuts in services and additional “fees” being unjustly imposed on them.  When you’re an Adams County elected official or administrator however, the supposed lack of money matters little when a nice taxpayer-funded mountain resort junket is possible. […]

postheadericon Breaking: Adams County Commissioners set to endorse sheriff’s jail cap

The wrangling around Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr’s unilateral imposition of a cap on municipal inmates at the county jail continues as the Board of County Commissioners announced this morning it will break its trust with the public and endorse the cap. Last week five municipalities filed suit against the county and the sheriff’s office […]

postheadericon Adams County cities file lawsuit against sheriff, commissioners over jail inmate cap

Five Adams County cities are suing the sheriff and county commissioners over the much-maligned cap on the number of municipal inmates that has jeopardized citizen safety. Aurora, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Northglenn and Thornton filed the suit in district court on Wednesday.  The suit names Sheriff Doug Darr and the members of the Adams County […]

postheadericon Violation of Colorado Constitution with ‘rain tax’ to land Adams County in court

With the majority of the Adams County Board of Commissioners dedicated to imposing a stormwater “fee” on residents in unincorporated areas, residents filed suit this week to stop the illegal tax.  Naming Adams County and the Board of County Commissioners, the suit alleges that the county’s imposition of the “fee” violates the Colorado Constitution’s TABOR […]

postheadericon Announcing the new Adams Family portrait

The image we put together a few years back of the previous batch of ethically challenged Adams County politicos was a huge hit.  It however was dated as a slew of new elected officials (with Ds after their names) have taken their place. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to recreate this image, or at […]

postheadericon Slap down: Adams County Commissioners repeal ‘free speech area’ following citizen outcry

Adams County Commissioners Eva Henry and Chaz Tedesco have been forced to step back from their unconstitutional restrictions on citizens’ right to free speech.  Today the Board of County Commissioners chose to rescind their recent implementation of ‘free speech areas.’ In a laughable statement announcing the about-face, Board Chair Eva Henry is quoted as saying, […]

postheadericon Adams County’s shame over “free speech zones” goes national

The shocking actions of Adams County commissioners Chaz Tedesco and Eva Henry to limit the First Amendment rights of citizens has now drawn national attention.  The unprecedented and reprehensible restrictions including establishing a small “free speech zone” are being highlighted on a national news website. Under the headline, “Colorado county limits free speech to a […]

postheadericon Appalling: Adams County commissioners impose 1st Amendment restrictions, limit access to public records

Following a sweep of the old guard, crooked commissioners last year, hopes were high that Adams County had turned a corner and was on a path toward ethical governance.  Actions taken last week by newly minted commissioners Eva Henry and Chaz Tedesco show the Adams Family has not learned from its mistakes and in fact […]

postheadericon Adams County residents threaten lawsuit over storm water fees

Taxes in any form are unpopular but when coupled with a new bureaucracy ushered in by disgraced county officials under the auspices of a ‘fee’ they are sure to raise residents’ hackles.  Such is the case with the new Adams County “Stormwater Utility” that is raising taxes on county residents and, adding insult to injury, […]

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