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postheadericon Cooking the numbers to promote global warming alarmism

With much fanfare the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) last week touted its finding that July 2012 was the “all-time warmest month on record” for the United States.  The only problem is that the analysis is based on a known-faulty data network and contradicts NOAA’s best stations. On NBC Nightly News Brian Williams warned […]

postheadericon Colorado Congressman gets EPA to admit its ‘economic analysis’ doesn’t look at jobs

Common sense dictates that an ‘economic analysis’ of a proposed regulation would take into account a host of factors not the least of which would be the impact on jobs.  In a stunning display of government stupidity, an EPA official admitted yesterday during a Congressional hearing that jobs were not a factor when issuing regulations. […]

postheadericon Al Gore brings global warming sideshow to Colorado

Warning of the doom that Colorado forests face from manmade climate change, Al Gore spoke this past weekend at a symposium in Aspen.  As is the norm, The Goreacle warned attendees that we face certain ruin if we don’t embrace the green movement and absolve ourselves of our carbon sins. The Nobel Laureate and author […]

postheadericon Cartoon shows the difficulty in discussing global warming rationally with an alarmist

Does it matter to a global warming alarmist that the person they get most of their information from espouses entirely inaccurate information?  Nope.  Does it matter that so-called climate scientists have been proven to be deceitful and their conclusions highly fallible?  Nope.  Those are just two of the problems with trying to discuss climate change […]

postheadericon Gore’s hypocrisy revealed – Demands press access, allegations of affair revealed

Oh the tangled web we weave.  Everybody’s favorite climate change punching bag Al Gore just can’t seem to catch a break.  His error prone speeches, books and presentations provide constant fodder for climate realists.  Now Gore pens a blog saying the press are being blocked from access to the Gulf oil spill all the while […]

postheadericon Obama equates containing oil spill to 9/11 and war

Tonight President Obama will address the nation in his first speech from the Oval Office and discuss the unfolding ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  In bizarre comments the president has equated the oil spill to the September 11th terrorist attacks and war.  As reported by the Climate Change Examiner, Obama told POLITICO: [I]n […]

postheadericon Reflections on Earth Day – Ridiculous predictions then and now

Today we celebrate that most auspicious occasion – Earth Day.  It is a day in which we can all ‘be green’, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and be one with Mother Earth.  With the ongoing debate about manmade climate change, it affords us an opportunity to evaluate what “experts” were saying 40 years ago and what […]

postheadericon U.N. climate panel’s report receives failing grade

Rumor has it that Congress is ready to take another stab at ‘cap and tax’ in the coming weeks.  The tax scheme would put a cap on carbon emissions all in an attempt to stem the purported dangers of manmade climate change.  Leading up to this, we have seen the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declare […]

postheadericon Obama’s reference to “overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change” draws laughter

It isn’t all that unusual for a State of the Union address to have their lighthearted moments.  However, when you are trying to make a supposedly serious point and most everyone laughs, that is not a good sign.  During last night’s address, President Obama was trying to drive home the need for new taxes via […]

postheadericon Congressional excess and hypocrisy

These types of stories aren’t surprising anymore by any means but that doesn’t make them any more palatable.  The long and short of it is that taxpayers footed the bill to send 101 Congress-related personnel including 21 Congressmen and Senators to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last month.  The sad part is, that […]

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