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postheadericon Slap down: Morse and Giron sent packing as recalls deliver repudiation of leftist policies

Perhaps there is some glimmer of hope for Colorado yet.  In recent years the Centennial State seemed to have taken a solid left turn from its right-of-center roots but the recalls of State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron might signal that our fiercely independent streak isn’t dead yet. Morse and Giron […]

postheadericon Giving credit: Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr joins in suit to protect Coloradans Second Amendment rights

Lord knows I have not always been kind to Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr on these pages – and for good reason.  However Darr’s choice to join with 54 other Colorado sheriffs in opposing the draconian gun grabbing measures passed by the state legislature is commendable. Much of the past session of the Colorado State […]

postheadericon Sympathy for molesters: Colorado Democrats kill Jessica’s Law

Protecting the absolute most vulnerable among us should be the highest priority of all citizens no matter their political stripes.  Sadly Colorado Democrats chose to side with predators and molesters instead of children and once again killed Jessica’s Law. 45 of 50 states now have a Jessica’s Law on their books.  Named after Jessica Lunsford, […]

postheadericon Second Amendment stages a comeback in the Colorado legislature

For decades United States citizens have seen the rights granted them under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution eroded.  A number of measures now being considered in the Colorado legislature seek to restore some of what has been taken against our nation’s forefathers’ wishes. The federal government, courts and state lawmakers have all […]

postheadericon Your Colorado State Legislature hard at work – on salamanders

Our neighbors to the north in Wyoming severely limit the amount of time their state legislature is in session.  Here in Colorado, we take a different approach allowing our paid representatives extra time in session to consider such worthy things as creating an official state amphibian. Yup, you read that right.  House Bill 1147, an […]

postheadericon Colorado Republicans, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Thornton?

The north Denver metro area has an inferiority complex and for good reason.  For decades we have been ignored and neglected by the powers that be at the state capitol despite our growing populace.  In the fight over congressional redistricting, Colorado Republicans appear set to repeat the wrongs of the past by ignoring the sixth […]

postheadericon Making the case against granting illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates

Once again the Colorado Legislature is debating a measure that would put illegal immigrants on equal footing to American citizens.  Senate Bill 11-126 would allow illegal immigrants to pay the lower in-state tuition rates at Colorado’s higher education institutions.  This measure is sheer folly and rewards those who break the law while putting them above […]

postheadericon Thornton reps cheer on union protesters; Are they representing you?

I was watching some video of the union and anti-union protests at the state capitol yesterday and in one of them, I noticed something interesting.  State Representatives Judy Solano and John Soper were seen cheering on their union buddies from the balcony of the capitol building. With all the drama in Wisconsin and other states […]

postheadericon Democratic lawmakers and 9News continue to push pro-illegal immigrant agenda

It is my fervent belief that if something is illegal, it is against the law and as such it should be called just that – it isn’t a difficult concept and is pretty common sense.  Democratic lawmakers at the state capitol and 9News however disagree. Once again legislators will be debating whether or not illegal […]

postheadericon Lefty Hickenlooper to become governor; Some other state races still up in the air

Goofy last names, phony charisma and a hidden leftwing agenda seem to be a winning ticket for Democrats.  Much like how Barack Obama won two years ago, John Hickenlooper capitalized on the same things to win Colorado’s gubernatorial race.  This race should have been an easy win for Republicans but the self destruction of Scott […]

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