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postheadericon The harsh reality of the “good” unemployment numbers

Two weeks ago news outlets heralded the latest unemployment numbers showing a drop to 6.3 percent.  What they and the president continue to fail to acknowledge is that there is a lower percentage of working age Americans with jobs now than in nearly 40 years. The Bureau of Labor said that the economy added 288,000 […]

postheadericon Sequestration kicks in, sympathy for government cuts rightfully hard to find

President Barack Obama signed the order Friday kicking in the cuts mandated by his sequestration plan.  While the cuts will hit areas best left alone, it is hard to feel sympathetic for a government that has long been spending outside its means. The blame game is of course in full swing in Washington DC but […]

postheadericon Romney & Ryan rock Red Rocks as candidates continue to push the Centennial State red

In a rare joint appearance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan appeared before an audience of thousands at Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver last night.  The avenue and the cheering throngs of supporters gave the even the feel of a rock concert as the candidates carried forth their hopeful message. Kid Rock and Rodney Atkins […]

postheadericon Round 2: Obama may win points on style but lack of record hurts case

Last night’s town hall debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney had more than its fair share of fireworks between the candidates.  As expected Obama won on style but lacked substance (as usual) while Romney held his own and offered a stunning repudiation of the past four years. Much ink will be spilled […]

postheadericon Better off than four years ago, Colorado? Not by $4,333

Taking a fragile economy and turning it into virtual ruin has taken President Barack Obama less than four years.  The evidence is far and wide but for most Americans, especially those in Colorado, we only have to look to our personal incomes to tell the tale. With an unemployment rate higher than it was when […]

postheadericon Cooking the books? September unemployment inexplicably drops

By all accounts September’s unemployment numbers were expected to remain stagnant, perhaps even go up a tenth of a percent.  Inexplicably the Department of Labor today says unemployment fell to 7.8% leading to questions about possible manipulation of economic data. No president has ever won reelection with unemployment above 8%.  Following his poor debate performance, […]

postheadericon Sad reality: After four years of Obama, families and businesses hurting worse

Two sets of numbers were released today that show the hardships being suffered by American families and small businesses.  Swing voters should pay attention to startling data that shows we are far worse off under President Obama than we were when he took office. Statistics showing the pain American families are feeling abound – from […]

postheadericon DNC Day 3: After that Obamination I need a shower to clean off the B.S.

The Democratic National Convention mercifully came to a close last night and despite their best efforts, Democrats could not spell out a real plan for the nation.  In the end they made lofty promises and ran away from the massive failure of the past four years with speeches filled with lies and distortions. I came […]

postheadericon DNC Day 1: No God, no Israel, $16 trillion and government ownership of our lives

The Democratic National Convention kicked off in Charlotte yesterday and I do have to give them credit – they didn’t hesitate to showcase their vision for the nation.  That look into their hearts shows a massive, crippling debt in a nation where God has no relevance, taxpayers fund all abortions and we ‘belong to the […]

postheadericon National debt tops $16,000,000,000,000 as Democrat convention makes case for more spending

The timing could not be more appropriate as the U.S. Treasury announced today that the national debt had topped $16 trillion.  This comes as the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Charlotte where liberals will make the case to put our children and grandchildren even further in debt. To be exact, the debt at this […]

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