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postheadericon Analysis: Completing a postmortem on Adams County’s local elections

Removed from last week’s election by more than a week we can sit with calmer heads and evaluate what went wrong with local elections and rededicate ourselves to restoring good governance to Adams County.  While the election results were far less than ideal, there is a glimmer of hope. The two races for Adams County […]

postheadericon Friday Funny: Hugging elephants, kissing donkeys

Given the results of the election I was struggling to find an appropriate ‘Friday Funny’ to post – I think I found it.

postheadericon At a loss for words

It is rare I am at a loss for words but such is the case this morning.  Those tuning in here expecting to see a lengthy rant on the outcome of the election will be disappointed as I am struggling to reconcile it all. Nationally Americans have shown they prefer to go the way of […]

postheadericon Adams County Clerk prepared to make the county, state and nation wait for election results

The ineptitude that is Adams County government has been shown repeatedly in recent years and past election cycles have shown a level of breathtaking incompetence in counting votes on Election Day.  Despite recurring problems every year, Clerk and Recorder Karen Long has failed to rectify problems and now says she will make everyone wait for […]

postheadericon Looking back: Key moments in President Barack Obama’s first term

As voters head to the polls today they are presented with two very different choices for who should hold the office of the President of the United States.  Barack Obama has a less than stellar record to run on and folks would be wise to get reacquainted with the key moments of his presidency to […]

postheadericon Caught on tape: Adams County union workers steal Romney campaign signs

Sadly the course of discourse in politics often degrades into little more than childish antics and stupidity.  Last night this was on full display as SEIU union workers stole Mitt Romney campaign signs near the Thornton, Colorado office of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America. Citizens had put up Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan signs along […]

postheadericon Breaking: Five hundred generals and admirals endorse Mitt Romney

With the military facing dangerous budgetary cutbacks and a president whose foreign policy is in shambles, hundreds of retired generals and admirals threw their support behind Mitt Romney today. The officers took out a full page ad in the Washington Times with a simple message: “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our […]

postheadericon Your choice America: Vote for revenge or vote for love of country

Two very different visions of what America should be have emerged from the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns this year.  New comments from Barack Obama show he is intent to continue his divisive governance while Mitt Romney offers a clear, positive alternative. Obama brought his message of anger and division to a rally in Springfield, […]

postheadericon Running down the Adams County, Colorado local ballot issues and candidates for 2012

No county in the state has seen as much turmoil as Adams County has in recent years thanks to scandals suffered at the hands of elected officials and county employees.  The 2012 election offers a real opportunity to change direction and restore good governance.  

postheadericon Disgraced former Adams County Commissioner brags about ripping off taxpayers

The audacity and to be quite frankly the stupidity of many of the current and former leaders of Adams County never seeks to amaze.  In an interview with CBS4 former Adams County Commissioner Larry Pace bragged about how he fleeced the taxpayers for eight years. Pace is the leading opponent to Adams County Ballot Issue […]

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