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postheadericon Adco Dems show Nichol the door; Nominate union activist to replace her

Following on their inability to conduct a timely and accurate assembly with only 350 voters, the Adams County Democrats have released the results.  Embattled Adams County Commissioner Alice Nichol failed to achieve enough support to move forward to the primary and in her place the Democrats are nominating union activist Charles “Chaz” Tedesco. The writing […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council task list: Transparency, a charter change and business

With Election Day over and a new mayor and members of council seated on the Thornton City Council dais, it is time to get down to business – literally and figuratively.  The economy continues to cast a pall on everything but there are other issues we would like to see council tackle. In no particular […]

postheadericon Business leader, school board member first in race to Thornton mayor’s office

The race to stop Thornton’s leftward tilt has begun as Heidi Williams will throw her hat in the ring to become the City of Thornton’s next mayor.  The local business owner and Adams 12 school board member appears to have the resume and proper perspective to provide a good alternative to the old guard candidates. […]

postheadericon Following the money trail – Campaign contributions to Commissioner Alice Nichol raise more questions

Does money buy influence in politics?  That is a rhetorical question of course as money talks with many elected officials and it always has.  A look at state campaign finance documents submitted by Adams County Commissioner Alice Nichol reveals she has accepted contributions from many of the same people tied to questionable dealings in the […]

postheadericon Tony’s Take – Obama’s SOTU sounded good; Reelection may be all but assured

I freely admit that President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night actually kind of gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling – at first.  Then it occurred to me that if his actions in the last half of his first term match up to the words he spoke last night, his reelection […]

postheadericon Adams County Democrats take a beating; Dem dominated county sees Republican gains

To say Adams County “leans  left” would be a very accurate statement.  Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 11% of the electorate in the county – an advantage of nearly 25,000 people.  Despite this, the Adams County Democrats took a pretty big beating in Tuesday’s election. Before I discuss the various county races it should be […]

postheadericon Lefty Hickenlooper to become governor; Some other state races still up in the air

Goofy last names, phony charisma and a hidden leftwing agenda seem to be a winning ticket for Democrats.  Much like how Barack Obama won two years ago, John Hickenlooper capitalized on the same things to win Colorado’s gubernatorial race.  This race should have been an easy win for Republicans but the self destruction of Scott […]

postheadericon Republicans sweep Democrats nationwide; Mixed bag in Colorado

As expected, voters across the nation offered a complete repudiation of President Barack Obama and the Democratic agenda.  Close to home Colorado voters proved to be tougher to predict and the state solidified itself as close to the center as one could be. On the national stage Republicans easily took control of the House of […]

postheadericon Election Day 2010 – Time to exercise “one of the most solemn trusts in human society”

Today is Election Day and polls are starting to open across the nation as I type this.  There is little doubt that a counter-change to what Democrats brought us two years ago is afoot but one thing is certain – no matter which side of the aisle you are on, you need to vote. The […]

postheadericon The troubles we have seen – Scandals and mismanagement mark Adams County’s recent past

In a county encompassing nearly 1,200 square miles and with more than 600,000 residents there is bound to be plenty of drama.  Trends in recent years however show that Adams County government is on the wrong track as scandals and management issues keep the county in the news resulting in it being cast in an […]

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