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postheadericon Zero credibility: Obama blames the world and Congress for ‘red line’

It should hardly come as a surprise that President Barack Obama refuses to take responsibility for anything, even his recent comments about a ‘red line’ that Syria mustn’t cross – and did. Just two weeks ago Obama told the White House press corps, “A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch […]

postheadericon Dodge: Local reporter asks Obama tough questions on Benghazi, failure of green projects

The mainstream media largely remains content to aid and abet the Obama administration’s efforts to cover up its scandalous and reprehensible actions on a number of significant issues.  A local Denver area reporter however finally showed that someone in the media has the guts to ask the president the tough questions and the answers were […]

postheadericon Electioneering on the small screen: Nat Geo moves up airing of bin Laden film

A docudrama about the killing of Osama bin Laden funded by a major backer of President Barack Obama has been rescheduled to air two days before the election.  Not only did National Geographic change the air date which was to be after the election, the film has been modified to increase the screen time given […]

postheadericon Romney & Ryan rock Red Rocks as candidates continue to push the Centennial State red

In a rare joint appearance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan appeared before an audience of thousands at Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver last night.  The avenue and the cheering throngs of supporters gave the even the feel of a rock concert as the candidates carried forth their hopeful message. Kid Rock and Rodney Atkins […]

postheadericon Round 3: Romney plays it presidential, Obama continues attacks

Last night’s final debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney was interesting not for the actual content but for the strategies employed by the candidates.  Now holding a lead nationwide, Romney chose to play and look the part of president while Obama once again resorted to his negative, personal attacks. With the topic […]

postheadericon Priorities, Mr. President? Obama puts Letterman, Jay Z, and pirates ahead of the Middle East

As American interests are threatened across the Middle East and our closest ally in the region faces a nuclear threat, President Barack Obama has clearly shown where his priorities lie. On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Obama chose to ignore the clear threats posed to the United States.  Those ever important daily security […]

postheadericon President Obama’s ‘ignorance and incompetence’ spark foreign relations mess

Bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom is a very serious event meant to honor those who have contributed mightily to the cause of freedom.  At yesterday’s awards ceremony, President Barack Obama’s propensity to ‘misspeak’ and cause foreign relations disasters once again sparked outrage as he insulted Poland. Among yesterday’s recipients of the medal were Jan […]

postheadericon Backfire: President Obama uses bin Laden killing as evidence of foreign policy strength

It is difficult for a Democrat to lay claim to being strong on national security and foreign policy, particularly for Barack Obama whose list of failed policies is long and far from distinguished.  His effort this past week to turn the killing of Osama Bin Laden into a campaign issue has backfired on him supremely […]

postheadericon Hypocrite in Chief: Obama won’t release bin Laden photo; Released U.S. military dead photos

President Barack Obama has chosen not to authorize the release of photos of a dead Osama bin Laden.  The Hypocrite in Chief said that he was concerned about offending Muslims but in the past has had no such compunction about his actions doing the same to U.S. military families. In an interview with CBS News, […]

postheadericon The United States’ greatest ally is… France?

France certainly is our oldest ally; after all they were instrumental in helping us in our battle for independence more than 230 years ago.  But are they are greatest ally today?  Given the lack of a backbone exhibited by the country and its leaders and its failure to support U.S. interests, few would think so […]

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