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postheadericon Immigration stupidity: Don’t call them illegal, amnesty to add to Obamacare costs and more

The debate immigration and what to do with those that have violated our national sovereignty by taking up residence in our nation is raging from the Colorado capitol to Washington DC.  While lawmakers try to invent new laws rather than enforcing ones already on the books, some of the discussions and possible outcomes are interesting. […]

postheadericon Immigration agents sue Obama administration for failure to enforce law

President Barack Obama’s order to federal law enforcement agencies to stop many deportations of illegal immigrants is receiving a significant challenge.  Agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have filed suit against the administration’s unlawful order in federal court. Born out of the Department of Homeland Security and Secretary Janet Napolitano, the directive tells […]

postheadericon Results of Obama’s lax immigration policy: 19 murders, 142 sex crimes and thousands of other crimes

Few Americans would disagree that our immigration system is broken and a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) shows how President Obama’s immigration policies have done further harm – and resulted in death. The CRS study looked at the period from 2008 to July 2011 and found more than 1,800 serious offenses had […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council set to back illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens

Catering to special interests has become the modus operandi for the leftist dominated Thornton City Council over the past two years.  Now the liberal elements sitting on the dais are set to pass a resolution backing benefits for illegal immigrants that even U.S. citizens cannot receive. Senate Bill 11-126 has been passed by the Colorado […]

postheadericon Some additional perspective on the immigration debate

Some of the debate that has resulted due to Arizona’s new immigration law is pretty amusing.  No comments were more amusing than those of Mexican President Felipe Calderon.  Here is a ‘leader’ whose country is in such poor condition that its residents flee it and whose immigration laws are some of the most repressive in […]

postheadericon Polis equates immigration law to Nazi Germany

A new law in Arizona that empowers law enforcement to do the job of the federal government and enforce immigration laws has drawn its share of controversy in the past week.  Now comes Representative Jared Polis with dire warnings saying Arizona may be heading toward a police state akin to Nazi Germany.  In an interview […]

postheadericon Congressman Polis urges illegal immigrants to attend college fair

Congressman Jared Polis has been a champion of education since before his election to office in 2008.  His positions on school choice often put him at odds with the powerful teachers unions.  Now he brews up a new controversy by urging illegal immigrants to seek financial aid for college. In a posting on Facebook yesterday (screenshot […]

postheadericon Killer immigrant had long rap sheet

Almost two weeks ago we wrote about the case of Benny Sitinjak and Jose Hernandez-Castellanos, two apparent illegal immigrants who were street racing in Aurora and crashed.  The accident killed an innocent man in a third vehicle - 62 year-old Walter Oleksinski of Aurora.  At that time, we said: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed a […]

postheadericon Racing illegal immigrants kill man in crash

Illegal immigration hurts our nation in many ways but none more so than when a person who has entered our nation illegally costs someone their life.  This was the case Tuesday when two men who appear to be illegal immigrants, Benny Sitinjak and Jose Hernandez-Castellanos, were street racing when they were involved in an accident […]

postheadericon Illegal immigrant tuition bill dies in Senate

The so-called ‘Tuition Equity’ bill which would have granted in-state tuition to illegal immigrants was defeated in the Colorado State Senate today.  As we wrote about last week, this bill would have required taxpayers to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants, something which is intolerable.  Five Democrats joined with Republicans to send the measure to […]

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