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postheadericon The money trail: Commissioner candidates reap big bucks from special interests, fellow politicians

Running for political office is an expensive endeavor, even at the local level.  Delving into current Adams County Commissioner candidates’ donor records reveals big contributions from special interest groups and even from the same disgraced politicians we are trying to rid ourselves of. Every election year I write a story about campaign contributions to the […]

postheadericon Redistricting brings big changes, new congressmen to Thornton and Adams County

As expected, the Colorado Supreme Court upheld the Democrat backed maps for the decadal redistricting and in doing so the political landscape for the north Denver metro area has changed dramatically. The new maps will have repercussions for the next 10 years and gives Adams County residents a real opportunity at electing representatives that more […]

postheadericon Judge mandates drastic changes: Colorado redistricting to change the shape of state and local politics for a decade

Democrats and Republicans were unable to agree on new Congressional boundaries following the Census so Denver District Judge Robert Hyatt has done it for them.  Hyatt accepted a Democrat map that will drastically change the makeup of Colorado’s congressional districts. Update, 12/7/11 – Redistricting brings big changes, new congressmen to Thornton and Adams County Gerrymandering […]

postheadericon Friday funnies: Pay your #$%#^& bills!

We close out the workweek with a video message for President Barack Obama and Congress:  Pay your #$%#^& bills! Warning: Adult language so be careful at work and around the kids!

postheadericon Colorado Republicans, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Thornton?

The north Denver metro area has an inferiority complex and for good reason.  For decades we have been ignored and neglected by the powers that be at the state capitol despite our growing populace.  In the fight over congressional redistricting, Colorado Republicans appear set to repeat the wrongs of the past by ignoring the sixth […]

postheadericon Friday funnies – Dear Congress

Seen on Facebook:  Dear Congress, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year my spouse and I cannot decide on a budget. Until we have come to a unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests, we will have to shut down our checkbook and will no longer be able to pay […]

postheadericon Census numbers reflect continuing growth in Adams County and Thornton

The numbers from the 2010 United States Census are in and they are notable for the growth that the north metro area has seen over the previous decade.  Whether this will translate into additional political clout is yet to be seen but we can hope it will. For Adams County, our population stands at 441,603 […]

postheadericon Republicans sweep Democrats nationwide; Mixed bag in Colorado

As expected, voters across the nation offered a complete repudiation of President Barack Obama and the Democratic agenda.  Close to home Colorado voters proved to be tougher to predict and the state solidified itself as close to the center as one could be. On the national stage Republicans easily took control of the House of […]

postheadericon Federal level candidate endorsements – Time to take the country back

All the “hope and change” that has been shoved down our throat in the past two years has done nothing but harm.  We the people are weaker, the government is stronger and potentially irreparable harm has been done to our nation at the hands of  those in Washington DC.  Now it is time to bring […]

postheadericon Is Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District competitive? New poll indicates it might be

Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District is massive and diverse encompassing more than 5,500 square miles and more than 600,000 Colorado residents.  The district has been held comfortably by Democrats for 35 years but a new poll indicates that Republicans may actually have a chance in 2010. CD2 stretches from the suburban areas of western Adams County […]

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