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postheadericon Taking Joe Biden’s advice on how to respond to a threat gets Washington man arrested

During the recent gun grab by Democrats, Vice President Joe Biden provided specific advice what type of gun Americans should own and how they should use it.  For one man in Vancouver, Washington, taking that advice got him arrested when he confronted people messing with his cars. During an online Q & A in February, […]

postheadericon Liberals offer better alternatives than firearms for self-defense

As the assault on our Second Amendment rights continues, liberals have been quick to try to assuage the anger of the American people by offering a wide variety of asinine alternatives to protect ourselves.  In recent days we have heard that urinating, claiming you have a disease, whistles, and a host of other measures are […]

postheadericon State of the nation nothing to laugh at, Joe Biden disagrees

Last night’s vice presidential debate certainly provided for some entertainment and while most would find the challenges our nation faces deadly serious, Vice President Joe Biden apparently thinks it is all a laughing matter. Biden’s performance last night was arguably one of the most bizarre since Al Gore’s infamous ‘sighing’ attack against George W. Bush.  […]

postheadericon DNC Day 3: After that Obamination I need a shower to clean off the B.S.

The Democratic National Convention mercifully came to a close last night and despite their best efforts, Democrats could not spell out a real plan for the nation.  In the end they made lofty promises and ran away from the massive failure of the past four years with speeches filled with lies and distortions. I came […]

postheadericon Friday Funny: Clint Eastwood addresses the Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention came to an end last night making a compelling argument as to why it is a time to end the Obama experiment and put Mitt Romney in the White House.  The surprise guest of the night was Clint Eastwood whose pretend talk with Obama provided a dose of reality with some […]

postheadericon Drudge Report headline calls Condoleeza Rice frontrunner in VP race

This morning’s headline on Drudge Report is causing quite a stir indicating that former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is the frontrunner to be chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate. I find this very interesting and the case can be made that Rice would bring a lot to the ticket.  She is a  strong, commanding […]

postheadericon The ghost of Reagan warns “Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”

Ronald Reagan was and continues to be the hero of true conservatives – a man with unshakeable principles who adhered to the very same tenets as our Founding Fathers.  A new, powerful video featuring Reagan and some of the leftist political voices from today provides a powerful – and scary – comparison of what we […]

postheadericon Biden calls store manager that asks for lower taxes a ‘smartass’ – Video

So what would you say to a taxpaying business owner that asked you to lower taxes?  A dismissive look was the first reaction from Vice President Joe Biden.  That was then followed by Biden telling the manager of a Milwaukee custard shop, “Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smartass all of […]

postheadericon At Air Force Academy graduation Biden jabs at Obama’s teleprompter use

Oh, Joe.  Don’t you know it isn’t kind of make fun of your boss, the annointed one?  During yesterday’s Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, Vice President Joe Biden’s teleprompter blew over.  He quipped, “What am I gonna tell the president when I tell him his Teleprompter is broken? What will he do then?”  See video […]

postheadericon How Obama got elected

The media bias in the election this year has been well documented and proven.  Never in our nation’s history has the Fourth Estate been so far in the tank for a candidate.  This is a very troubling development and signals the demise of non-partisan media.  A new documentary on the media’s impact is being made […]

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