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postheadericon Adams County Rep. Joe Salazar brings partisan politics to Broncos, equates Democrat’s ass to Arabian horse

Normally politics would never enter into a discussion about the Super Bowl bound Denver Broncos but Adams County State Representative Joe Salazar (D) saw fit to cross the line at the state capitol last week and made an ass out of himself in the process. Sporting a thug doo rag, Salazar took to the podium […]

postheadericon Announcing the new Adams Family portrait

The image we put together a few years back of the previous batch of ethically challenged Adams County politicos was a huge hit.  It however was dated as a slew of new elected officials (with Ds after their names) have taken their place. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to recreate this image, or at […]

postheadericon State senator warns that veterans can’t be trusted due to ‘significant metal health problems’

We, our nation’s veterans, are good enough to defend Colorado State Senator Mary Hodge’s First Amendment right to speak like an idiot.  We are not however to be trusted with firearms because in her view we suffer from mental illness. During the debate Friday at the Colorado State Capitol over limitations on high capacity gun […]

postheadericon Sympathy for molesters: Colorado Democrats kill Jessica’s Law

Protecting the absolute most vulnerable among us should be the highest priority of all citizens no matter their political stripes.  Sadly Colorado Democrats chose to side with predators and molesters instead of children and once again killed Jessica’s Law. 45 of 50 states now have a Jessica’s Law on their books.  Named after Jessica Lunsford, […]

postheadericon Liberals offer better alternatives than firearms for self-defense

As the assault on our Second Amendment rights continues, liberals have been quick to try to assuage the anger of the American people by offering a wide variety of asinine alternatives to protect ourselves.  In recent days we have heard that urinating, claiming you have a disease, whistles, and a host of other measures are […]

postheadericon Colorado rep worries women would be too emotional to know when to shoot in self defense

Colorado Democrats have pulled out all the stops to take away our Second Amendment rights.  In one of the most asinine arguments in favor of one measure, Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) suggested women might wrongly shoot someone if they “feel like” they are going to be raped. Leftist lawmakers have waged their war against law-abiding […]

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