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postheadericon 2013 Election Recap: Some disappointments but overall a very good election night

Another election is pretty much in the bag and while there is at least one race undecided, winners and losers have mostly been determined.  Analysis does show perhaps a few disappointing outcomes but all-in-all, statewide and local outcomes were satisfactory. Colorado Amendment 66: The billion dollar a year tax hike backed by unions, out of […]

postheadericon Outside money pours in to push passage of Colorado’s Amendment 66 billion dollar tax hike

With one fell swoop, two billionaires from outside the state of jumped in and pledged $1 million each to push for the passage of Amendment 66.  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a recent meddler in the Centennial State’s affairs, joined Bill and Melinda Gates and Obama’s political machine in helping push the tax hike. Bloomberg […]

postheadericon Slap down: Morse and Giron sent packing as recalls deliver repudiation of leftist policies

Perhaps there is some glimmer of hope for Colorado yet.  In recent years the Centennial State seemed to have taken a solid left turn from its right-of-center roots but the recalls of State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron might signal that our fiercely independent streak isn’t dead yet. Morse and Giron […]

postheadericon Giving credit: Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr joins in suit to protect Coloradans Second Amendment rights

Lord knows I have not always been kind to Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr on these pages – and for good reason.  However Darr’s choice to join with 54 other Colorado sheriffs in opposing the draconian gun grabbing measures passed by the state legislature is commendable. Much of the past session of the Colorado State […]

postheadericon Denver Post: Coloradans too ignorant to understand capital punishment

The editorial board of the Mile High City’s leftist ‘paper of record’ has rarely reflected the center of right beliefs of most Coloradans.  This morning’s editorial stepped over a line in its defense of Governor John Hickenlooper and their belief that capital punishment should be abolished. Much to the chagrin of Chickenlooper and the Post, […]

postheadericon Adams County senators among those to blame for lack of wildfire fighting tanker force

For the second year in a row Colorado appears to be headed toward a disastrous wildfire season.  The opportunity to get a jump on battling these deadly disasters was presented in the Colorado legislature this past season but thanks to two Adams County senators, real action will be further delayed. The creation of the Colorado […]

postheadericon Not a day for politics

I had configured an automatic posting of a cartoon for Tony’s Rants’ usual ‘Friday funny’.  That has been removed.  Today there is nothing funny and it is certainly not a day for politics. What sort of demons were running through the young man’s head that compelled him to kill and injure so many in Aurora […]

postheadericon Another Adams County Democrat scandal: Public Trustee Carol Snyder milks taxpayers for thousands

Few people know exactly what a ‘public trustee’ is in county government but many will soon be learning about it as it turns out some of these folks have been fleecing taxpayers for a lot of money.  Among them is Adams County Public Trustee Carol Snyder who despite having an office job managed to get […]

postheadericon Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s call for special session pushes limits of authority

Under Colorado’s state constitution, the governor has the authority to call the legislature into a special session “on extraordinary occasions.”  In exercising this power to force the legislature to consider seven non-pressing measures, Governor John Hickenlooper has stretched the limits in our state’s governing document. Section 9 of Article IV of the Constitution of the […]

postheadericon Gay marriage suddenly becomes political issue nationally and in Colorado

President Barack Obama and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper took center stage yesterday with each seeking to make a political hay of gay marriage / civil unions.  In doing so both showcased political pandering at its worst with Obama trying to save his reelection campaign and Hickenlooper choosing to ignore his own party’s failings on the […]

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