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postheadericon 2013 Election Recap: Some disappointments but overall a very good election night

Another election is pretty much in the bag and while there is at least one race undecided, winners and losers have mostly been determined.  Analysis does show perhaps a few disappointing outcomes but all-in-all, statewide and local outcomes were satisfactory. Colorado Amendment 66: The billion dollar a year tax hike backed by unions, out of […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Coverage Roundup

In recent weeks I have penned a number of stories about the candidates and issues that will be appearing on voters’ ballots this year.  From a billion dollar a year tax hike and a half dozen local issues to very contentious local elections for school board and city council, much is at stake. For easy […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council Democrats rake in campaign contributions while running unopposed

Two races for city council seats in 2013 aren’t races at all as the candidate (singular) in each is running unopposed.  However, the Democrat incumbents have apparently decided to strike while they can and fleece money out of donors and make questionable expenditures despite not having a race to run. Campaign finance reports can be […]

postheadericon Thornton’s 2013 City Council elections to feature stunning lack of depth

Nomination petitions to run for Thornton City Council in the November 2013 elections were due Monday and the list of candidates is extremely disappointing.  While the battle for Ward IV will be interesting, the seats in the three other wards will be uncontested. In Ward 1, Mack Goodman will be running unopposed as will Ward […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council looks to lock up their seats, do away with two-term limits

Removing someone from a position of power is never easy and oftentimes in the case of politicians they get to be quite comfortable in those seats; too comfortable in fact.  Despite the fact that Coloradans have overwhelmingly decided term limits were needed to jettison the flotsam, Thornton City Council appears on track to try to […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council task list: Transparency, a charter change and business

With Election Day over and a new mayor and members of council seated on the Thornton City Council dais, it is time to get down to business – literally and figuratively.  The economy continues to cast a pall on everything but there are other issues we would like to see council tackle. In no particular […]

postheadericon Retreads rebutted: Thornton chooses outsider Williams to lead city, rejects Adams County Democrats

The City of Thornton has a new Mayor-elect in Heidi Williams, a city politics outsider who appealed to residents looking for a change from the good ol’ boys.  In fact, Williams did not only defeat Councilmembers Goodman and Vigil, she absolutely trounced them. Goodman and Vigil, both political retreads with decades long history in the […]

postheadericon Occupy Thornton: Time for residents to stand up against labor’s influences

As misguided and oftentimes ridiculous as the various ‘occupy’ protests are, their desire to stop the influence of money on public policy is not entirely off the mark.  Looking down at a city level, Thornton residents need to be aware of the efforts of outside special interests to influence our local politicians. Those down at […]

postheadericon Thornton mayoral candidates provide a clear choice for residents

Voters in Thornton received their ballots yesterday and will be casting them in a number of key local races.  None of these is more significant than the one for the political head of the city.  Three candidates are vying for mayor of Colorado’s sixth largest city but only one is worthy of your vote. We […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council candidate forum provides a few interesting tidbits

The Metro North Chamber of Commerce and MetroNorth Newspapers held their City Council Candidate Forum recently and while the event did not provide too much notable, there were some interesting comments by some of the candidates.  As much as anything it was interesting just to observe some of them as they answered and in doing […]

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