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postheadericon Dodge: Local reporter asks Obama tough questions on Benghazi, failure of green projects

The mainstream media largely remains content to aid and abet the Obama administration’s efforts to cover up its scandalous and reprehensible actions on a number of significant issues.  A local Denver area reporter however finally showed that someone in the media has the guts to ask the president the tough questions and the answers were […]

postheadericon Race politics: MSNBC fails to show minority speakers at Republican National Convention

The liberal media loves nothing better than to play up the false narrative that the Republican Party is filled with nothing but old white men.  That is of course entirely false and was disproven at the Republican National Convention last night however MSNBC played racial politics and purposely failed to show the strong slate of […]

postheadericon The real George Zimmerman: Investigation reveals a much different man than portrayed previously

In the wake of his shooting of Trayvon Martin, the media and leftists all the way up to the President of the United States have sought to make George Zimmerman out to be a racist vigilante.  An investigation by Reuters however has found the man to be much different than what has been portrayed. Opportunist […]

postheadericon Media bias: Publisher of Northglenn – Thornton Sentinel favors liberal candidates heavily

It is a longstanding tradition of print media to endorse candidates and issues.  These endorsements are quite telling about a publisher’s bias and none are more so than this year’s endorsements by the publisher of Mile High Newspapers and MetroNorth Newspapers. The very premise of the so-called ‘unbiased media’ providing political endorsements is counter-intuitive and […]

postheadericon Media’s chase of Sarah Palin and whining about lack of access laughable

As the contenders line up to challenge Barack Obama in 2012 the media seems singularly focused on Sarah Palin and the question of whether or not she will run.  While no doubt even now readying to release a whole slew of lies again, the media’s pursuit of her has become comical to watch. When Palin […]

postheadericon A trip down memory lane – Tea Party protesters versus the leftists

I happened across this video and while it is a year old, I wanted to post it as it still speaks volumes.  As Tea Partiers and 9/12 groups continue to protest against an overreaching government, the media portrays them as hatemongers and racists. This is of course could not be farther from the truth.  Anyone […]

postheadericon Compare and contrast – Bush and Iraq versus Obama and Libya

The United States goes to war to protect millions of innocent people from a ruthless dictator.  Some see it as a just mission but others including the leftwing media demonize the President of the United States.  That was in 2003.  Now in 2011 on a much less than clear mission in Libya, the silence is […]

postheadericon Democratic lawmakers and 9News continue to push pro-illegal immigrant agenda

It is my fervent belief that if something is illegal, it is against the law and as such it should be called just that – it isn’t a difficult concept and is pretty common sense.  Democratic lawmakers at the state capitol and 9News however disagree. Once again legislators will be debating whether or not illegal […]

postheadericon Hypocrisy at its highest – Dem leadership used map with targets long before Palin

You have to hate it when your own stupidity comes back to bite you in the you-know-what.  Immediately following the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Gifford, leftists and the liberal media blamed Sarah Palin for a map she posted on Facebook six months ago with targets on it.  Now we discover that the Democratic Leadership Council […]

postheadericon Big three networks ignore Climategate email scandal

Here is a shocker – The big three television networks are ignoring a story that doesn’t fit their leftist agenda.  It has been two weeks now since more than a thousand emails from the world’s top climate scientists were released on the Internet.  Since then, the emails seem to indicate the scientists colluded together to […]

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