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postheadericon Shameful: Military used as props for First Lady’s Oscar appearance

I’m not one to watch the Oscars or any other award show – Hollywood, actors and musical “artists” hold no particular fascination for me.  I could not however help but be drawn to a photo from the White House of First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance last night. The image is interesting in that standing behind […]

postheadericon Classless: Barack Obama continues blame game at unveiling of George W. Bush’s official portrait

Certainly it is an election year and campaigns are in full swing but the campaigner-in-chief President Barack Obama couldn’t set aside politics for even an hour yesterday. During the unveiling of George W. Bush’s official portrait at the White House, President Obama took the classless tact of jabbing at his predecessor. President Obama has always […]

postheadericon First lady says going to Europe on taxpayer money is a ‘sacrifice’

With the nation’s unemployment nearing 10%, the economy failing, skyrocketing national debt and American families truly hurting the White House felt other priorities were more important this week.  President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama jetted off to Copenhagen, Denmark to push for Chicago’s 2016 Olympics bid spewing untold tons of carbon into the […]

postheadericon President of the United States bows to King of Saudi Arabia

The continuing foreign policy gaffes of President Obama and his administration just seem to keep coming and are an embarrassment to the United States.  Since taking office the Obama team has had a continual string of blunders ranging from rather tasteless and poorly thought out gifts given to foreign dignitaries to breaches of protocol when […]

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