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postheadericon Breaking: Five hundred generals and admirals endorse Mitt Romney

With the military facing dangerous budgetary cutbacks and a president whose foreign policy is in shambles, hundreds of retired generals and admirals threw their support behind Mitt Romney today. The officers took out a full page ad in the Washington Times with a simple message: “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our […]

postheadericon Your choice America: Vote for revenge or vote for love of country

Two very different visions of what America should be have emerged from the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns this year.  New comments from Barack Obama show he is intent to continue his divisive governance while Mitt Romney offers a clear, positive alternative. Obama brought his message of anger and division to a rally in Springfield, […]

postheadericon Las Vegas Review-Journal: Obama administration an embarrassment and incompetent

Much of the United States is waking up to the sad reality of the poor governance of the past four years and stands poised to deliver a repudiation of it next Tuesday.  One Las Vegas newspaper today offered a harsh -but true – critique of the Obama administration. The Las Vegas Review-Journal announced its endorsement […]

postheadericon Dodge: Local reporter asks Obama tough questions on Benghazi, failure of green projects

The mainstream media largely remains content to aid and abet the Obama administration’s efforts to cover up its scandalous and reprehensible actions on a number of significant issues.  A local Denver area reporter however finally showed that someone in the media has the guts to ask the president the tough questions and the answers were […]

postheadericon Seeing the light: Florida paper that endorsed Democrat candidates past four elections switches to Romney

Oftentimes newspaper endorsements are nothing but a rubber stamp showcasing a newspaper editorial board’s political leanings and they usually aren’t surprising.  However one Florida newspaper that has endorsed Democrats in every presidential race since at least 1996 has seen the light and is endorsing Mitt Romney. Fort Lauderdale’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel understands that this election […]

postheadericon Two very different campaigns: Criticism versus optimism

The front page of today’s Des Moines Register provided a picture perfect look at how very different the candidates for the President Of United States are conducting their campaigns. While one sees American exceptionalism and conveys optimism, the other apologizes for us and resorts to personal attacks against his opponent. The Register’s page is quite […]

postheadericon Romney & Ryan rock Red Rocks as candidates continue to push the Centennial State red

In a rare joint appearance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan appeared before an audience of thousands at Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver last night.  The avenue and the cheering throngs of supporters gave the even the feel of a rock concert as the candidates carried forth their hopeful message. Kid Rock and Rodney Atkins […]

postheadericon Round 3: Romney plays it presidential, Obama continues attacks

Last night’s final debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney was interesting not for the actual content but for the strategies employed by the candidates.  Now holding a lead nationwide, Romney chose to play and look the part of president while Obama once again resorted to his negative, personal attacks. With the topic […]

postheadericon Friday funnies: Romney and Obama roast each other, themselves

Last night’s Al Smith Dinner in New York brought together President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in a cordial and friendly setting for a good cause.  Both gave humorous speeches setting aside the rancor of the campaign with Romney arguably delivering the best speech of the two. Both speeches can be viewed below and […]

postheadericon Round 2: Obama may win points on style but lack of record hurts case

Last night’s town hall debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney had more than its fair share of fireworks between the candidates.  As expected Obama won on style but lacked substance (as usual) while Romney held his own and offered a stunning repudiation of the past four years. Much ink will be spilled […]

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