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postheadericon Obamacare signup delayed despite administration admission it has no ‘statutory authority’ to do so

The Obama Administration continues to make it up as they go and willfully disregard Federal law as they do.  It was announced last night that individuals who have fallen victim to the disaster of no longer have to complete sign up by the March 31 deadline. Using an ‘honor system’ of checking a box […]

postheadericon Friday funny: Church makes fun of Obamacare

Driving through Henderson this morning I came across this church sign. While I am not looking for a new church, if I were, this would be my first stop.

postheadericon Following most recent Obamacare delay, liberal commentator says Obama ‘really incompetently put this together’

Despite years of planning and billions spent, Obamacare is still not ready for primetime and portions of it have been delayed again.  Even those who have defended President Barack Obama’s so-called signature achievement are at a loss for words to defend him and his welfare state. National Journal columnist and Obamacare cheerleader Ron Fournier wrote […]

postheadericon Immigration stupidity: Don’t call them illegal, amnesty to add to Obamacare costs and more

The debate immigration and what to do with those that have violated our national sovereignty by taking up residence in our nation is raging from the Colorado capitol to Washington DC.  While lawmakers try to invent new laws rather than enforcing ones already on the books, some of the discussions and possible outcomes are interesting. […]

postheadericon Latest Obamacare cost estimates nearly double to $1.7 trillion

Proudly standing before a joint session of Congress in September 2009, President Barack Obama promised those gathered and the American people that his massive healthcare overhaul “will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.”  Warning sirens went off as even the president knew that cheap accounting gimmicks were used to arrive at that number and […]

postheadericon State versus church: Obamacare mandate forces religious institutions to fund abortion, contraception

The old saying ‘you reap what you sow’ has awakened churches across the country to the reality that their backing of Obamacare now threatens their very foundation.  Mandates in the healthcare legislation will force churches to fund that which they view as a grave sin and brings to light yet more violations of the Constitution […]

postheadericon Money matters – Real cost of Obamacare grows as the deficit balloons

Congress and the president have shown that they care very little about what the American people need or want or what is best of this country.  They continue to spend money they don’t have, sinking this country further into debt and after passing the biggest entitlement program in the nation’s history, its true cost is […]

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