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postheadericon Adams County Republican voters: ‘We need more ethical government so choose our guy who is the same as the last’

It seems that lately I have a penchant for making members of my own party as mad at me as those on the left so why stop now?  In the wake of last night’s primary election it has become abundantly clear why the Adams County GOP struggles to gain ground.  At the local level, Republican […]

postheadericon Shutdown quick hits: Veterans, priests, healthcare and more

Never enough time to rant in the day, particularly given so much ammunition this week courtesy the government shutdown and the Obamacare rollout. Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers and trying to assign blame over the shutdown.  The fact of the matter is, that the shutdown is wholly owned by President Barack Obama and Harry […]

postheadericon Government shutdown horror: ‘Panda Cam’ at National Zoo goes dark

Unable to come to an agreement on a budget and funding for Obamacare, Congress chose to shut down the United States federal government today.  Amazingly enough the sun still rose this morning without our government overseers however, as a testament to how stupid Washington is, the National Zoo’s ‘Panda Cam’ went dark. Books could be […]

postheadericon Louisiana state senator makes the case for the Republican Party

It is baffling to me that the black community seemingly blindly supports the Democrat Party and its candidates.  This despite the fact that history has shown that the Republicans are the party of opportunity for all people of all types. I recently came across a great video recorded by Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) explaining […]

postheadericon Friday Funny: Hugging elephants, kissing donkeys

Given the results of the election I was struggling to find an appropriate ‘Friday Funny’ to post – I think I found it.

postheadericon Obama gives veterans 3 minutes via videotape, Romney flies 1,000 miles to speak in person

The American Legion was chartered by Congress as a patriotic veterans organization nearly 100 years ago and now counts more than 2.4 million heroes as members.  The organization is holding its national convention in Indianapolis this week and in a stunning sign of disrespect, President Barack Obama could not stop campaigning long enough to address […]

postheadericon Adams County parties hold assemblies; Democrats in disarray, results still unknown

Saint Patrick’s Day was a big day in politics locally as Republicans and Democrats gathered to establish the issues and candidates that will be going forward leading up to November’s elections.  While the Republicans competently completed their work, Adams County Democrats are in disarray and don’t even know the results of their assembly. We have […]

postheadericon Judge mandates drastic changes: Colorado redistricting to change the shape of state and local politics for a decade

Democrats and Republicans were unable to agree on new Congressional boundaries following the Census so Denver District Judge Robert Hyatt has done it for them.  Hyatt accepted a Democrat map that will drastically change the makeup of Colorado’s congressional districts. Update, 12/7/11 – Redistricting brings big changes, new congressmen to Thornton and Adams County Gerrymandering […]

postheadericon Media’s chase of Sarah Palin and whining about lack of access laughable

As the contenders line up to challenge Barack Obama in 2012 the media seems singularly focused on Sarah Palin and the question of whether or not she will run.  While no doubt even now readying to release a whole slew of lies again, the media’s pursuit of her has become comical to watch. When Palin […]

postheadericon Shocking accusation: Republicans want illegal immigration to be a crime

The headline is of course a bit tongue in cheek as it isn’t particularly surprising that people would like to see our laws enforced.  What is surprising is when someone finds it odd that we should live by the law. Illegal immigration is certainly a hot button issue and neither Democrats nor Republicans really want […]

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