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postheadericon North Denver metro area to get FasTracks rail…In 32 years

RTD’s latest assessment of the state of its massive FasTracks rail boondoggle would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.  The transportation agency now is promising the north Denver metro area will get its rail line – in 2044. Certainly we could go on and on about the failed rail project that has been oversold, […]

postheadericon Choo choo fanatics fantasize about next Colorado rail boondoggle

As if one rail project billions of dollars in the red wasn’t enough, those who fantasize about shiny choo choo trains gathered yesterday to plan for their next taxpayer funded boondoggle.  On the agenda now is a Front Range rail system linking much of the Colorado I-25 corridor. It sounds great in theory.  Hop on […]

postheadericon BOHICA: RTD FasTracks costs explode once again; latest estimate adds $968.3 million

The $4.7 billion commuter rail project that Denver area voters approved in 2004 continues to see unprecedented cost increases.  The severely mismanaged project now is forecast to cost taxpayers $7.8 billion, $968.3 million more than the previous estimate. The Annual Program Evaluation (APE) presented to the RTD Board of Directors this week continues to highlight […]

postheadericon Oops! RTD blows FasTracks cost estimates again

Much like the ‘Big Dig’ in Boston, the FasTracks rail project in Denver has become synonymous with the word boondoggle.  Despite RTD’s promises that they had corrected their numerous failures, we have learned that they have once again severely underestimated costs. The Denver Business Journal reported on Wednesday that the cost of the Northwest rail […]

postheadericon RTD Director Ken Riley resigns amid allegations of theft from union

After being missing from the job voters hired him to do for months and potentially facing criminal charges, Ken Riley submitted his resignation to the RTD Board of Directors on Monday night.  In a troubling trend, he becomes the third local Adams County politico in recent months to become embroiled in scandal. Nearly two weeks […]

postheadericon Where is Ken Riley? RTD director MIA from job representing north Denver area

With the RTD FasTracks boondoggle set to leave the north Denver area behind, residents are apparently not getting adequate representation on the Regional Transportation District Board of Directors.  Ken Riley, the elected representative for District K, has been MIA in recent months and has many wondering, “Where in the world is Riley?” Update, 10/19/11: RTD Director […]

postheadericon RTD Director Ken Riley: “Tax the rich! Tax the rich!”

YouTube can be such a terrible waste of time but there are occasions when it is a boon.  Yesterday we posted video of Colorado State Representatives Judy Solano and John Soper cheering on the union rally at the capitol.  Thanks to a comment left on that story we now have video of RTD Director Ken […]

postheadericon RTD to decide how far to ask taxpayers to bend over for FasTracks boondoggle

It is a tough call the Regional Transportation District’s Board of Directors faces – they have to choose between one of three tax raising options to bailout the FasTracks boondoggle.  As a taxpayer who will foot the bill I am reminded of one of my favorite military acronyms – BOHICA.  No matter which option is […]

postheadericon From fleecing the taxpayers to taking drug money – RTD accepts ads from illegal industry

Sometimes you just have to shake your head.  What is being billed as the “World’s Largest Cannabis Lifestyle Convention” is coming to Denver and the publicly funded Regional Transportation District is happy to accept ads coming from an illegal industry. Colorado has in theory legalized medical marijuana, however the drug is illegal under federal law […]

postheadericon RTD board votes to delay FasTracks tax hike vote; Project to be delayed further, cost more

In a unanimous decision, RTD’s board of directors voted to not ask voters this year to double the tax to pay for the FasTracks boondoggle.  In the process, they have added years onto the time to complete the project and added hundreds of millions of more dollars to the project which is already more than […]

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