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postheadericon Media’s chase of Sarah Palin and whining about lack of access laughable

As the contenders line up to challenge Barack Obama in 2012 the media seems singularly focused on Sarah Palin and the question of whether or not she will run.  While no doubt even now readying to release a whole slew of lies again, the media’s pursuit of her has become comical to watch. When Palin […]

postheadericon Hypocrisy at its highest – Dem leadership used map with targets long before Palin

You have to hate it when your own stupidity comes back to bite you in the you-know-what.  Immediately following the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Gifford, leftists and the liberal media blamed Sarah Palin for a map she posted on Facebook six months ago with targets on it.  Now we discover that the Democratic Leadership Council […]

postheadericon Amid yesterday’s tragedy in Arizona, perspective is lost

The shooting yesterday in Arizona that killed 6 and injured 11 others including Representative Gabrielle Gifford is truly tragic and a reprehensible act for which I hope the perpetrator is sentenced to death.  But, I do have to ask, the media (and left) is making a huge deal out of it but have they taken […]

postheadericon Surprise: Sarah Palin to resign as Alaska governor

In a bit of a shocker, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced she would not run for a second term and in fact will be resigning at the end of the month.  The move instantly raised speculation that the former vice presidential candidate would be making a run for the presidency in 2012.  In a statement released […]

postheadericon Palin clears the air on the media and more

In an interview with John Ziegler, former vice presidential candiate Sarah Palin was given the opportunity to open up and speak her mind on a wide array of topics.  It is a very enlightening interview to say the least.  A video excerpt is below and also be sure to check out the text of Mr. […]

postheadericon How Obama got elected

The media bias in the election this year has been well documented and proven.  Never in our nation’s history has the Fourth Estate been so far in the tank for a candidate.  This is a very troubling development and signals the demise of non-partisan media.  A new documentary on the media’s impact is being made […]

postheadericon Tony’s Post Election Analysis – How the Presidency Was Won & Lost

The post mortem on John McCain’s failed attempt to win the presidency has begun and accusations have already begun to fly as to why he didn’t succeed.  Certainly the economy was one factor – perhaps the biggest – but it wasn’t the only thing that cost him votes.  In no particular order, here is my […]

postheadericon 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment

This came my way via email and I thought it was pretty funny.  Click the read more link to view the picture.

postheadericon Joe Biden’s debate misstatements – quite a few of them

Not that you will ever see this in the mainstream media, but the talley of Joe Biden’s misstatements in the vice presidential debate are in double digits at this point.  One is pretty funny – Biden said, “Look, all you have to do is go down Union Street with me in Wilmington [and] go to […]

postheadericon Palin vs Biden – Tony’s Rants’ take

Last night was the much hyped debate between Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and her Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.  Naturally those in the mainstream media and the far left were hoping to see a Palin train wreck but it never happened and indeed, I believe Palin handled herself extraordinarily well.  Palin used her very […]

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