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postheadericon Epic fail: Gun grabbers’ latest effort portrays women as weak, helpless; makes case for gun ownership

It is a horrific scenario for a woman at home with only her young child.  The ex-husband beats on the door and bursts inside trying to take the kid. What is a woman to do? Apparently call 9-11 and hope that the police somehow transport themselves to her house in seconds to save her and […]

postheadericon Debunked: Gun grab group’s claim of 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook proven false

Michael Bloomberg’s gun grab group “Everytown” released data it claims is evidence of 74 school shootings since the deadly December 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.  While the claim was parroted by the mainstream media, one journalist has shown Everytown has once again mislead and lied in its attempt to take away our Second Amendment rights. The […]

postheadericon Slap down: Morse and Giron sent packing as recalls deliver repudiation of leftist policies

Perhaps there is some glimmer of hope for Colorado yet.  In recent years the Centennial State seemed to have taken a solid left turn from its right-of-center roots but the recalls of State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron might signal that our fiercely independent streak isn’t dead yet. Morse and Giron […]

postheadericon Violation of 2nd Amendment rights likely to cost Thornton as lawsuit is filed against city

The unjustified arrest of a man exercising his Second Amendment rights in Thornton is likely going to cost the city. On Sunday, July 29, 2012, James Mapes went to the Cinebarre movie theatre with his handgun on his waist.  An alarmed patron or employee called the Thornton Police Department to report a man with a […]

postheadericon Taking Joe Biden’s advice on how to respond to a threat gets Washington man arrested

During the recent gun grab by Democrats, Vice President Joe Biden provided specific advice what type of gun Americans should own and how they should use it.  For one man in Vancouver, Washington, taking that advice got him arrested when he confronted people messing with his cars. During an online Q & A in February, […]

postheadericon Giving credit: Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr joins in suit to protect Coloradans Second Amendment rights

Lord knows I have not always been kind to Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr on these pages – and for good reason.  However Darr’s choice to join with 54 other Colorado sheriffs in opposing the draconian gun grabbing measures passed by the state legislature is commendable. Much of the past session of the Colorado State […]

postheadericon Out with the 4th Amendment: Government seizes phone records of millions of Americans

Every day we see infringement on our unalienable rights by our government and today news breaks that the government has all but thrown out the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The National Security Agency has apparently seized phone records for millions of Americans in a blanket violation of our rights. The Patriot Act was […]

postheadericon State senator warns that veterans can’t be trusted due to ‘significant metal health problems’

We, our nation’s veterans, are good enough to defend Colorado State Senator Mary Hodge’s First Amendment right to speak like an idiot.  We are not however to be trusted with firearms because in her view we suffer from mental illness. During the debate Friday at the Colorado State Capitol over limitations on high capacity gun […]

postheadericon Liberals offer better alternatives than firearms for self-defense

As the assault on our Second Amendment rights continues, liberals have been quick to try to assuage the anger of the American people by offering a wide variety of asinine alternatives to protect ourselves.  In recent days we have heard that urinating, claiming you have a disease, whistles, and a host of other measures are […]

postheadericon Colorado rep worries women would be too emotional to know when to shoot in self defense

Colorado Democrats have pulled out all the stops to take away our Second Amendment rights.  In one of the most asinine arguments in favor of one measure, Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) suggested women might wrongly shoot someone if they “feel like” they are going to be raped. Leftist lawmakers have waged their war against law-abiding […]

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