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postheadericon Sympathy for molesters: Colorado Democrats kill Jessica’s Law

Protecting the absolute most vulnerable among us should be the highest priority of all citizens no matter their political stripes.  Sadly Colorado Democrats chose to side with predators and molesters instead of children and once again killed Jessica’s Law. 45 of 50 states now have a Jessica’s Law on their books.  Named after Jessica Lunsford, […]

postheadericon Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s call for special session pushes limits of authority

Under Colorado’s state constitution, the governor has the authority to call the legislature into a special session “on extraordinary occasions.”  In exercising this power to force the legislature to consider seven non-pressing measures, Governor John Hickenlooper has stretched the limits in our state’s governing document. Section 9 of Article IV of the Constitution of the […]

postheadericon Gay marriage suddenly becomes political issue nationally and in Colorado

President Barack Obama and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper took center stage yesterday with each seeking to make a political hay of gay marriage / civil unions.  In doing so both showcased political pandering at its worst with Obama trying to save his reelection campaign and Hickenlooper choosing to ignore his own party’s failings on the […]

postheadericon Second Amendment stages a comeback in the Colorado legislature

For decades United States citizens have seen the rights granted them under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution eroded.  A number of measures now being considered in the Colorado legislature seek to restore some of what has been taken against our nation’s forefathers’ wishes. The federal government, courts and state lawmakers have all […]

postheadericon Your Colorado State Legislature hard at work – on salamanders

Our neighbors to the north in Wyoming severely limit the amount of time their state legislature is in session.  Here in Colorado, we take a different approach allowing our paid representatives extra time in session to consider such worthy things as creating an official state amphibian. Yup, you read that right.  House Bill 1147, an […]

postheadericon Colorado House panel votes to hold teachers accountable, Thornton rep opposes

In a late night session, the Colorado House Education Committee voted 7 – 6 in favor of a measure that reforms teacher tenure and holds teachers accountable for their performance.  In a not-so-surprising vote, Representative Judy Solano voted against the measure.  As is, after a teacher achieves tenure, it is virtually impossible to fire or […]

postheadericon Online entrepreneurs lose source of income thanks to Colorado legislature

The progressive tax policies of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and the Democrat-led state legislature have now forced a loss of income on hundreds if not thousands of Coloradoans.  Their choice to push for collection of sales tax on out of state sales has caused to shut down its affiliate program for all Colorado residents.  […]

postheadericon Thornton reps agree – Taxpayers should foot the bill

When the state legislature went into session last month we warned you to hold on to your wallets.  The writing was on the wall even then that rather than make real budget cuts, the Democrat controlled legislature would start hitting taxpayers in the pocketbook.  That unfortunately has come to fruition. Thornton’s elected representatives were unanimous […]

postheadericon State capitol news – House votes to end death penalty and more

As the legislative session starts to wind down, our state legislators are in a frenzy trying to wrap up the ridiculous state budget and churning out all sorts of asinine measures.  Among the highlights: Colorado House approves measure to eliminate death penalty- Reasoning that it is cheaper to keep a prisoner in prison for life, […]

postheadericon Illegal immigrant tuition bill dies in Senate

The so-called ‘Tuition Equity’ bill which would have granted in-state tuition to illegal immigrants was defeated in the Colorado State Senate today.  As we wrote about last week, this bill would have required taxpayers to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants, something which is intolerable.  Five Democrats joined with Republicans to send the measure to […]

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