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postheadericon What is there to fear? Americans far more scared of big government than big business

President Barack Obama and the mainstream media like nothing better than to vilify business and dote over the Occupy Wall Street protestors and their attempts to save us from the evils of capitalism.  However, a new poll shows that Americans are far more concerned about their own government than they are business. The poll released […]

postheadericon President Obama’s next stimulus and bailout target: College students

Wish as we might have that the snowstorm in Denver that moved through over the last couple of days would have prevented him coming to town, President Obama managed to make it to the Mile High City.  The campaigner-in-chief came bearing gifts in the form of student loan changes that will benefit the average grad […]

postheadericon White House tries to squash Ford’s anti-bailout ad

Ford Motor Company was the only one of the ‘big three’ Detroit automakers to not take government bailout funding and a recent television ad touted that noteworthy point.  It appears however that the White House pressured Ford to drop the ad, not approving of its message of self-reliance. One of a series of similar ads […]

postheadericon Colorado or Wyoming? The White House apparently doesn’t know the difference

Campaigner-in-Chief President Barack Obama is on a three state swing through the western United States to push his so-called jobs bill.  Unfortunately for him, some of his staffers don’t seem to know the difference between Colorado and Wyoming. The press credentials issued by the White House sure look pretty with an image of the three […]

postheadericon ‘Pass this bill’: Thanks but no thanks, Mr. President

President Barack Obama appeared before a joint session of Congress last night to pitch his latest so-called jobs bill saying 17 times ‘pass this bill.’ His American Jobs Act is another $447 billion ‘stimulus’ package that offers nothing new and will fail miserably much as the first one did. Obama’s own Council of Economic Advisors […]

postheadericon Obama’s choice for chief economic advisor fails to inspire confidence

With a stagnant economy continuing to drag on the nation like a heavy anchor, President Barack Obama blew his opportunity to at least provide a mental boost to a demoralized country.   The president chose to nominate Alan Krueger as chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, a book smart theorist whose idea of […]

postheadericon Government Motors – Taxpayers to be left holding the bag for GM bailout

When Congress and the Bush and Obama administrations gave away billions of taxpayer dollars to bailout General Motors, we were promised a return on our investment.  They assured us we would actually make money on the deal but a report released today by the Congressional Oversight Panel shows that we have once again been deceived. […]

postheadericon Latest stimulus failure – $111 million spent, 55 jobs “saved or created”

This falls into the “You can’t make this stuff up” category.  The failure of the so-called stimulus plan has been well documented and there are plenty of examples.  The latest, courtesy of the city of Los Angeles, is the revelation that after spending $111 million, a mere 55 jobs were “saved or created.” The $814 […]

postheadericon CDOT-designed intersection results in big mess in Adams County

The intersection of 96th Avenue and Interstate 76 in Adams County is a complicated one with traffic coming from multiple directions.  The recent redesign of the intersection by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) had many raising eyebrows at its design and now an accident draws attention to its many shortcomings.  The area in question […]

postheadericon Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job!

Greeting President Barack Obama on a visit to western New York yesterday was the billboard pictured above.  The message is simple and spells out what many Americans feel – and need – right now.  Dear, Mr. President, I need a freakin job.  Period. The administration can put as much of a happy face on the […]

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