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postheadericon State Senator Tochtrop refuses to endorse Judy Solano, leaves office with head held high

Colorado State Senator Lois Tochtrop is preparing to ride off into the sunset after a distinguished career in the legislature.  Ever the maverick, Tochtrop said that she will not be endorsing the Democrat chosen to run for her soon-to-be-vacant seat, Judy Solano. The fight for Senate District 24 is going to be one of the […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Recap: Some disappointments but overall a very good election night

Another election is pretty much in the bag and while there is at least one race undecided, winners and losers have mostly been determined.  Analysis does show perhaps a few disappointing outcomes but all-in-all, statewide and local outcomes were satisfactory. Colorado Amendment 66: The billion dollar a year tax hike backed by unions, out of […]

postheadericon Breaking: Colorado Secretary of State determines that votes for ineligible candidate will NOT be counted

Updated, 5:40pm:  In a very commonsense ruling, Scott Gessler has issued an emergency ruling to resolve whether or not votes for Amy Speers will be counted. Speers signed an affidavit saying she was eligible for Adams 12 Five Star Schools Director District 4 and appears on the ballot.  However last week it was discovered she […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Coverage Roundup

In recent weeks I have penned a number of stories about the candidates and issues that will be appearing on voters’ ballots this year.  From a billion dollar a year tax hike and a half dozen local issues to very contentious local elections for school board and city council, much is at stake. For easy […]

postheadericon 2013 local elections showcase worthlessness and lack of credibility of union endorsements

Labor unions are big time players in elections and at the local level are always the biggest donors to campaigns.  This election cycle has shown just how questionable these endorsements are and demonstrates why voters should cast a wary eye on them. Elections for Thornton City Council and Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council Democrats rake in campaign contributions while running unopposed

Two races for city council seats in 2013 aren’t races at all as the candidate (singular) in each is running unopposed.  However, the Democrat incumbents have apparently decided to strike while they can and fleece money out of donors and make questionable expenditures despite not having a race to run. Campaign finance reports can be […]

postheadericon Thornton City Council Ward IV election pits self-funded candidate versus big money unions

As I wrote previously, the race for the Ward IV Thornton City Council seat is the most interesting of the year.  Janifer ‘Jan’ Kulmann, largely funding her campaign by herself, is racing against Adam Matkowsky who has the luxury of big contributions from labor unions. The current occupant of the council seat, Randy Drennen, opted […]

postheadericon 2013 Thornton Ballot Question 2G: Expanding definition of ‘fire fighter’ in city charter

Question 2G would expand the definition of ‘fire fighter’ in the Thornton City Charter.  It would pull in additional uniformed ranks under that umbrella and, not by coincidence, it would increase the number of union members in the fire department. It is that last aspect that is troubling.  In recent years we have seen the […]

postheadericon 2013 Thornton Ballot Question 2F: Thornton continuity of government

This question is quite straightforward and continues with Thornton’s increased awareness toward disaster and emergency planning.  Historically, the city that suffered the most damaging tornado in Denver metro area history has lacked in this area and this takes additional steps to rectify that. The measure would allow city government to function in the event there […]

postheadericon 2013 Thornton Ballot Question 2E: Charter changes in the event of a mayoral vacancy

Twice in recent history City Council was unable to deal with a mayoral vacancy as is their charge under the Thornton City Charter.  Petty infighting and politics forced the city to go without a mayor because council couldn’t get their act together. This ballot question would make the Mayor Pro-Tem the Acting Mayor automatically should […]

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