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postheadericon Leftist PACs, labor unions dominate top political donor list

The narrative in the mainstream media is that big business and a select few right-wing people control politics in the U.S. through their domination of campaign contributions.  Thanks to a newly released report, that can be disproved easily. It is not business interests that dominate’s “heavy hitters” list of top donors.  In fact it […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Recap: Some disappointments but overall a very good election night

Another election is pretty much in the bag and while there is at least one race undecided, winners and losers have mostly been determined.  Analysis does show perhaps a few disappointing outcomes but all-in-all, statewide and local outcomes were satisfactory. Colorado Amendment 66: The billion dollar a year tax hike backed by unions, out of […]

postheadericon Breaking: Colorado Secretary of State determines that votes for ineligible candidate will NOT be counted

Updated, 5:40pm:  In a very commonsense ruling, Scott Gessler has issued an emergency ruling to resolve whether or not votes for Amy Speers will be counted. Speers signed an affidavit saying she was eligible for Adams 12 Five Star Schools Director District 4 and appears on the ballot.  However last week it was discovered she […]

postheadericon 2013 Election Coverage Roundup

In recent weeks I have penned a number of stories about the candidates and issues that will be appearing on voters’ ballots this year.  From a billion dollar a year tax hike and a half dozen local issues to very contentious local elections for school board and city council, much is at stake. For easy […]

postheadericon 2013 local elections showcase worthlessness and lack of credibility of union endorsements

Labor unions are big time players in elections and at the local level are always the biggest donors to campaigns.  This election cycle has shown just how questionable these endorsements are and demonstrates why voters should cast a wary eye on them. Elections for Thornton City Council and Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of […]

postheadericon OUT: Speers determined ineligible for BoE; District, unions, Dems left with egg on their faces

Adams 12 Five Star Schools confirmed late Tuesday night that Amy Speers, candidate for the Board of Education, was ineligible to run for the Director District 4 seat.  The announcement ends her candidacy and reflects very poorly on the school district, the teachers union and the Adams County Democrats. Tony’s Rants first broke the news […]

postheadericon BREAKING: Adams 12 BoE candidate Amy Speers not eligible to run in district 4

In an extraordinary development this evening, it has been discovered that Amy Speers, candidate for the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District 4 seat, is not eligible to run for that office. Speers’ address as recorded with Adams County property records and as shown on her campaign finance records with the Colorado Secretary of State […]

postheadericon Compare and contrast: Figueroa and Christensen school board literature hits the nail on the head

Last week I took issue with campaign mailers from Amy Speers and Kathy Plomer noticing that they were big on talking about unions, but not so much education, parents or students.  Comparing those pieces to new ones from Rico Figueroa and Debbie Christensen provide a stark contrast as to where the candidates’ priorities would be […]

postheadericon Amy Speers & Kathy Plomer school board campaign mailers big on unions, not so much parents and kids

Volunteers for the Speers and Plomer campaigns for Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of Education dropped off some literature on my doorstep yesterday. It is interesting to note that the pieces clearly are meant to push union objectives while ignoring parents and students. The mailer from Amy Speers was the one that struck me […]

postheadericon Alternative education: Will Amy Speers bring Klingon language experiment to Adams 12?

Here in Adams County, Colorado we are well-known for our politicians than range from outright liars to those that use office for personal gain.  Should Amy Speers be elected to the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of Education, we will be able to add one that approves of teaching toddlers the Klingon language from […]

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