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postheadericon Tough duty: Commander in Chief played Spades while SEALs risked their lives in Osama bin Laden assault

There is no doubt that ordering men into battle isn’t easy and we all know President Barack Obama was quick to take credit for ordering the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden.  Now we know just how tough it was on the commander in chief – he played cards while our […]

postheadericon I Am The American Sailor

Saw this on Facebook and had to share.  Very motivating and powerful.  Almost makes me want to reenlist.  Almost.  ;-) Ernest Borgnine narrates “I Am The American Sailor” with the United States Navy Band at the U.S. Navy’s 231st birthday concert, held at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 14, 2006. The music […]

postheadericon Diminishing honor: Navy to name ship after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Having a United States naval vessel named after someone is an extraordinary honor typically reserved for those who have contributed heavily to this nation or to the military.  The Navy’s decision to name a new ship after former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shows the meaning of this tribute is quickly diminishing. It is a tremendous honor […]

postheadericon Happy birthday to the United States Navy – Defending freedom from the sea for 236 years

On October 13, 1775 the Continental Congress commissioned the first ships of what would become the United States Navy.  Since that time the Navy has become the ultimate embodiment of ‘power projection’ as it carries forth the nation’s flag across the globe. In 1993 President Bill Clinton said, “When word of a crisis breaks out […]

postheadericon I was a sailor once

This came my way via email and having served proudly in the U.S. Navy, I like it quite a bit. It was originally penned by Vice Admiral Harold Koenig, USN (Ret), M.D. and is called Reflections of a Blackshoe. For sailors it harkens back to months spent on a ship in the middle of the […]

postheadericon One fight over the Gadsden Flag ends but another continues

Thornton, Colorado resident Eric Smith has won his battle with the East York Villas Homeowners Association and will be allowed to fly the Gadsden Flag without harassment.  To the southwest in Laveen, Arizona, Andy McDonel is having a much tougher time and has enlisted the help of the ACLU.  Both men fought for their right […]

postheadericon Thornton HOA tells homeowner Gadsden flag must come down

The history of the Gadsden flag and its coiled rattlesnake and “Don’t Tread on Me” motto can be traced back 235 years to the birth of our nation.  Despite its distinguished past rooted in Americana, Thornton homeowners in one Homeowner Association (HOA) controlled development are being told to take them down. None other than Ben […]

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