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The image we put together a few years back of the previous batch of ethically challenged Adams County politicos was a huge hit.  It however was dated as a slew of new elected officials (with Ds after their names) have taken their place.

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to recreate this image, or at least not with so many new faces.  All of the candidates of the past two years have promised they would restore Adams County to one of prominence.  Those elected have continued to visit embarrassment and scandal on us.

So today I re-launch the Adams Family portrait.  We have a couple of holdovers but many new faces.  A couple of more didn’t make the cut but could have easily been included.

The 2013 Adams Family featuring Chaz Tedesco, Eva Henry, Gil Reyes, Doug Darr, Mary Hodge, Joe Salazar and Manny Solano.  Yes, they are all Democrats.  Maybe think about that when you vote!

The 2013 Adams Family featuring Chaz Tedesco, Eva Henry, Gil Reyes, Doug Darr, Mary Hodge, Joe Salazar and Manny Solano. Yes, they are all Democrats. Maybe think about that when you vote!

Among this latest batch of members:

County Commissioner Charles ‘Chaz’ Tedesco as Gomez Addams.  Despite having lied to voters about his criminal background, Tedesco won a seat as commissioner in 2012.  Since then he has been fined heavily by a court for campaign finance violations and has continued the same, poor governance of previous occupants of his seat.

County Commissioner Eva Henry as Morticia Addams.  The liberal credentials of this former Thornton City Council member were never in question.  I know Eva, have found her to be a good person, but like most who we send to Brighton, she appears to have lost her way.  Her treatment of citizens being wrongly taxed by the county and the attempt to impose restrictions on the First Amendment are disappointing to see the least.

County Assessor Gil Reyes as Lurch.  Reyes is of course a holdover from the previous iteration of this image.  Despite his criminal conduct, he still clings to office.  No politico in Adams County has had more ink spilled about themselves than Reyes.  It will be a good day for citizens when he leaves office.

Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr as Pugsley.  As the county’s top law enforcement officer, much is expected of Darr and he generally has not performed badly.  For personal reasons, it pains me to criticize law enforcement officials as I hold them in the highest esteem.  However, his handling of the jail and imposition of a cap on municipal inmates has put our communities at risk.  He has lamented not having enough money for his department yet found the funds for fancy PR videos.  That doesn’t cut it.

State Senator Mary Hodge of Brighton as Grandmama.  Hodge has been a champion of leftist social causes during her tenure at the state capitol.  As such she fit right in down there but this past session during the Democrat gun grab she publically said that veterans can’t be trusted due to ‘significant mental health problems.’  Previous actions were bad enough.  That one though pushed her over the top.

State Representative Joe Salazar as Wednesday.  It seems fitting to put Salazar in as the Addams’ daughter as females and children were the highlights of his voting record thus far.  The union lawyer worried that women were too emotional to know when to shoot a firearm in self-defense.  The insulting display should put women on notice where they stand with gun grabbing Salazar.  Then, in perhaps the most reprehensible vote of the session, Salazar joined with his fellow Democrats to kill Jessica’s Law.  Clearly Salazar doesn’t believe the most vulnerable deserve protection.

Activist Manny Solano as Uncle Fester.  Solano’s hair style is somewhat reminiscent of Uncle Fester’s but that isn’t what puts him in this spot.  Rather the lawyer and husband of former state representative Judy Solano is a string-puller for the Adams County Democrats and wannabe king maker.  The former rep gave her hubby access to her Facebook account, thus exposing personal information of many Adams County citizens to someone they do not know.  He also is quick to defend criminal Democrats in court, although his quality in doing so is highly questionable.  Judy Solano is rumored to be seeking a return to office in the state senate so we have certainly not seen the last of either of them.

Honorable Mention

Sometimes we wish the Addams Family pictures we found had at least one more member, perhaps Cousin It would be a nice addition.  If it did, one more Adams County Democrat would make a fine addition to the portrait.  State Senator Jessie Ulibarri joined with his fellow gun grabbing Democrats to take away Coloradans Second Amendment rights.  During the debate, Ulibarri made the asinine assertion that we could just use ballpoint pens to defend ourselves.

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