postheadericon Money problems continue: Commissioner Tedesco slapped with campaign finance violation fines

Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco (Center), his attorney Manny Solano and Solano's wife, former Colorado State Representative Judy Solano

Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco (Center), his attorney Manny Solano and Solano’s wife, former Colorado State Representative Judy Solano. Despite friends in high places, Tedesco was slapped with a $1,000 fine for campaign finance violations.

Voters inexplicably elected Charles “Chaz” Tedesco to the Adams County Commissioners office despite his history of lying and financial problems.  While Tedesco claimed those woes were in his past, it turns out the past was only a few weeks ago when he was recently slapped with a hefty fine for campaign finance violations.

Foreclosure and bankruptcy were just some of Tedesco’s personal financial irregularities we documented leading up to the election.  This was in addition to his lying on television about his criminal past.  We also took a look at his campaign finance reports and noticed he was the recipient of donations from labor unions and corrupt politicians.

Jen Raiffie with Spotlight On Corruption took it a step further and noticed many reporting errors on Tedsco’s reports.  She in turn filed a complaint with the state.

Despite disgusting intimidation by Tedesco’s Democrat lawyer Manny Solano, Raiffie persevered and a judge rendered her verdict – $1,000 in fines for Tedesco.  He likely would have been fined more were it not for a technicality.

Raiffie said, “If Chaz can’t manage his own personal finances or his own campaign finances, how is he going to manage that of the county purse?”

That is a good question.

This is a man that can’t manage money and yet he is going to be in charge of supervising the county’s $160 million budget.

It would appear the Tedesco apple didn’t fall too far from the Democrat tree as he believes that Adams County’s image is great.  I guess he missed the dozens of scandals residents have suffered at the hands of his fellow party members.

Perhaps this $1,000 slap-down from the courts will wake Tedesco up a bit.

The fine also should serve as notice that he needs to find a new lawyer and his fellow Adams County Democrats should reconsider who they seek legal advice from.  Solano’s defense of his client was poor not only in outcome but in execution as well.

Not only did Solano attempt to intimidate and demean a citizen making a clearly justified complaint against a candidate, he showcased the paranoia that runs rampant among the Adams Family.  It was a sad display not befitting what we should expect from our elected officials or their proxies.

Memo to Mr. Solano & the Adams County Democrats: No, Tony’s Rants is not funded by Wal-Mart, the Koch brothers, the Heritage Foundation or anyone else. Certainly I would not turn down any offers of support from those or any similar patriotic individuals and organizations but unfortunately my funding is limited to my own, very small pocketbook. I am glad to know though that you and the local leftists are that worried about me and see me as that big of a threat to think I have such high-powered friends. That tells me I am doing my job as a watchdog citizen and I am flattered by your concern. Should any of those groups wish to fund Tony’s Rants, they are more than welcome to contact me. ;-)

Editor’s note: Did you read this story in the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel? Of course not. As usual our local media is MIA when it comes to reporting on the corruption that is rampant in Adams County.

You can listen to the court hearing and view the court ruling below.

Court Hearing – December 5, 2012

Court Ruling – December 24, 2012

December 2012 – Court ruling against Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco for campaign finance violations… by

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