postheadericon Personal and campaign finance problems add to Adams County commissioner candidate’s woes

Money woes, personal and political, are dogging Chaz Tedesco, candidate for Adams County Commissioner.

Money woes, personal and political, are dogging Chaz Tedesco, candidate for Adams County Commissioner.

Charles “Chaz” Tedesco is vying to replace Commissioner Alice Nichol in Adams County District 2 but it is becoming more apparent that he represents little change from the scandal-tainted politician whose seat he is looking to take.  Following on the sad display of him lying to a television reporter, we have learned that Tedesco’s past is marked by personal financial problems and his campaign’s books are a mess.

To be sure, many Americans experience some form of distress with their personal finances at some point.  Given the disastrous state of the economy, this is an all too recurring theme.

However public records show that despite having a stable job for 23 years (union of course), Chaz Tedesco has been plagued with financial problems dating before the downturn in the economy.

The candidate bought a home in 1997.  Over the next five years he  refinanced once and took out three additional loans against his home.  Ten months after the last one in June 2002, the home was foreclosed on.  In August 2003 Tedesco filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Just over a year after declaring bankruptcy, Tedesco bought a new house in the Reunion development of Commerce City.  This home purchase in September 2005 was for a home valued at $100,000 more than the one lost in foreclosure.

The housing crisis claimed many victims however Tedesco’s problems predate the bubble bursting.  Certainly one has to wonder how Tedesco couldn’t pay his bills but yet just a year after bankruptcy was able to afford a $277,000 home.  Perhaps he has yet to learn to live within his means.

As we noted previously, Tedesco has raked in a total of $40,204.00 in campaign contributions.  Much of that from unions and the same corrupt politicians Adams County is trying to rid itself of.

Carrying forth his personal financial difficulties, Jen Raiffie with Spotlight On Corruption has noted many irregularities with Tedesco’s campaign finance reports.  The group found nearly three dozen issues with the reports filed to the Colorado Secretary of State, many misidentifying donors’ occupations.

For instance, liberal activist Pat Stryker is certainly not a consultant with the Denver Post as Tedesco’s filing indicates.  Area politicians like Sheriff Doug Darr, Commissioner Skip Fischer, and State Representatives Cherilyn Peniston and Judy Solano are gainfully employed, not retired as the filed reports show.  Many more problematic entries exist including incorrect aggregate amounts for some donors.

These errors should have easily been caught when Tedesco entered them as the mistakes are obvious.  Anyone giving even the slightest attention to details would notice these problems.  Spotlight On Corruption has filed a Campaign Finance Complaint with the state that has the potential to cost Tedesco’s campaign tens of the thousands of dollars in penalties.

Yes, the campaign finance errors are mistakes and they could be nothing more than that.  The problems with Tedesco’s personal finances could also be mistakes the commissioner candidate has learned from.  His problem with telling the truth could have been a single momentary lapse in judgment.

However, when viewed collectively these issues are huge warning signs for Adams County voters.  We have a candidate that has problems managing and reporting finances and has not been truthful with citizens.  It is a troubling trend we have seen in the past from our politicians and one which we simply cannot tolerate any longer.

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